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Latest News  
[SENDEX 2012] Expand the exhibition area to medical sector and increase the level of secondary engineering
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] Han-lim Medical Equipment to show a hospital infection prevention system
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] DAEAN MEDICAL to display traction-movement apparatus of SHUMA
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] DIASENSE Korea to show a standard type sphygmomanometer of CITEZEN
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SEMYEONG BIOTECH to show an ultraviolet irradiator 'PANOS' generating vitamin-D
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] Health & Dream to show 'GunbogunⅡ' to strength leg muscles/walking ability
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] ANGEL CARE to show 'Dementia Gloves' to prevent self-infliction from dementia patients
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SHARKRO to introduce a Portable Language Training Device, 'Voice Tab'
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] MMA KOREA to show Hospital Bed Head Unit
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] MEDONICA to display Mobile X-ray Shooting Equipment, 'IZI 120G'
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] XITY EDU to display rehabilitation therapy learning tools for the disabled
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SP&U to show 'INERSEAT' easy to separate and move for the disabled
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] MC'Tec to show multifunction electric beds operated by remote control
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] HYMN MC to display 'Tricycle' and 'ADELY' sportswear for rehabilitation treatment children
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SEODONG MEDICAL to cure dry-eye by 'NURIEYE-5800'!
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] NetBlue to introduce 'CoTras', a training program for rehabilitations of recognition ability to prevent Dementia
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] HYUNMEDICAL to display an ergonomic electric bed
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] CHANGLIM MOATZ to display versatile welfare vehicles with rotary seat
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SILVER's HAND to show a variety of elderly care goods
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] 01M(Medi Care) to show thermal rolling-massage system
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] ANGEL MEDICAL to show 'Asro Aid', movement-typed joints enhancement medical equipment
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] HYACINTH to show 'OLA', a urine processing apparatus for women
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SUNBIN HOUSING to show a versatile folding chair
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] TAESAN SOLUTIONS to show the body copy system and 3D scanner
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] KUNYOONG IBC to show wireless alarm system for the hearing-impaired
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] YELIM COMFURNI to show electric desks with monitor-lifting technology
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SHIN WHA GOWN to show 100% cotton-patient uniforms with excellent antibacterial/deodorizing
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] IREA Chemical Enterprise to show breathe paint 'HUE' and natural anion buckwheat pillow
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] MYMEKOREA International to introduce 'NAVI', a vehicle-versatile massager
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SUNG KWANG MEDITECH to show the tongs 'TELESTICK' for wheelchair-users
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SILVERKING YOYANGIN to present care comprehensive portal site 'YOYANGIN'
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] NAKAI to show hip join support balanced bands relieving the waist burden
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] BIOSPACE to show 'Automatic sphygmomanometer' and 'BMI measuring device'
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] SOLAR KOREA to introduce a multiple whole body exercise equipment, 'WELLSPIN'
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] ORTEC to show prosthetic finger fitting Asian
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] INOINT exhibits light inclination path with high durability for wheelchair
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] Hanics Technology to dispaly a bone regeneration sound detector
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] One Mind Care shows cold and hot pack made of cotton
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] Kwangzin to introduce 'Nazoa' an acupressure device used for all part of body
[SENDEX 2012 on-site] KTS to show eco-friendly electric cart carrier
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