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Latest News  
[ECO EXPO on-site] JKGREEN to unveil natural fertilizer to improve the imbalance of the fabric and stimulate the growth
[ECO EXPO on-site] YON IL KTEX to show 100% biodegradable PLA household items
[ECO EXPO on-site] MOORIM to practice green management by eco-friendly paper manufacturing process!
[ECO EXPO on-site] INSUNG ENGINEERING to practice water-saving in life, through simple water saving device
[ECO EXPO on-site] EQMAXON to exhibit toothbrush and toothpaste made with eco-friendly materials
[ECO EXPO on-site] SUNGEUN BIO to show eco-friendly food containers
[ECO EXPO on-site] ECO SENSE to notice the real-time energy/carbon emissions
[ECO EXPO on-site] ILSIN Industrial to develop 'Low-E Insulation' of Environment friendly and high efficiency
[ECO EXPO on-site] ECOME to develop 'ECO Touch', a solution for saving unused energy
[ECO EXPO on-site] A-INTEC to show 'Any-Q', a waste-disposal unit
[ECO EXPO on-site] Free Bio to exhibit Eco 'Bio-liquid Wallpaper' to eradicate sick house syndrome!
[ECO EXPO on-site] Ecologen to introduce 'Natural Paint' of High-performance
[ECO EXPO on-site] AOG System to show 'Ondol Jang Gun', Self-assembly Hot Water and Korean Floor Heating System
[ECO EXPO on-site] Bobbi Korea to show 'Octagon Multi-functional Rice Pot'
[ECO EXPO on-site] SPINA Systems to showcase eco-multi PC Station 'Multas-1000'
[ECO EXPO on-site] E&HC to introduce innovative hybrid bicycle and a ride which can enjoy game and exercise
[ECO EXPO on-site] CH Trading to show environment friendly household items
[ECO EXPO on-site] Enforce to show 'ECMS Solution', a management system for Carbon and Energy
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] Chemtopia to show varied environment related measurement equipment
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] ECOTECH to introduce'PTFE coating MEMBRANE DIFFUSER' without Property Transformation
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] OHK to exhibit 'Moving disk type Thickening & Dewatering Equipment' of all in one type
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] MONAS PUMP to introduce 'MONAS' the high quality eccentric screw pumps
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] KOREA WATER TECH to show heat exchanging thermal hydrolysis Process instrument of continuous system
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] C&H INC to exhibit 'Dr2O' a one stop system for healthy water
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] CLEAN WATER to exhibit 'Rust-Clean Up', a contaminated water treatment machine of zinc ionization system
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] DASAN RND to introduce Emission gas measuring instrument and GAS analyzer
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] WATER ENGINEERING&CONSULTING to introduce 'MICROCAT', microorganism material for environmental cleanup
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] KAMACHO scale to introduce 'GC Series',a gypsum board separator, which integrates high-precision original technology
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] Hanhwa Engineering and Construction to introduce all in one ecotype shore protection block for Ecological Waterways Building
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] HALLA Engineering and construction to introduce a comparison model of straight line stream and meandering stream and a hologram
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] ECODAYS to show a high concentration water treatment system and Anaerobic digestion technology
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] SUNJIN MOOLSAN to present Powerful 'Order-Kill'
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] SHINGANG HI-TECH to introduce 'Eco-bio filter(EBF)' for efficient disposal of earth & sand and heavy metal
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] KSG PLANT to exhibit 'RTO SYSTEM' of VALVE ROTARY TYPE
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] STI C&D to exhibit 'Water-CFD' 3D numerical analysis program for a purification plant
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] HANSEL GREEN to show 'Star Green', a soil conditioner for making green belt at the waterside
[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] Jumo Korea to exhibit 'dTRANS' series, a liquid analytical instrument having both functions of communication and recording

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