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Latest News  
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012] Video Interview with Patrick Ng, managing Director of VAUGHAN Group
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012] Video Interview with Musah Issah, a student of ITTP, KAIST
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012] Video Interview with Bikram acharya, ENRD Nepal Microwave Engineer
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012] Video Interview with Priscilla K. Muguti, a student of ITTP, KAIST
Closed 'RFID/USN KOREA 2012!' which creates demands of RFID/USN and IT convergence service
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 Video] Attention to IMPINJ, the global leading provider of UHF RFID solutions!
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] MOTEX to introduce an Encoding/Decoding device of High speed for RFID smart label
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] BIT & PULSE to introduce LTE mobile router featuring LTE 100Mbps speed
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] BIT Computer to show 'Well-life Sleep Management Service' examining sleeping condition and apnoea with smartphone
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] C&C INSTRUMENTS to show Green Smart Building Management System saving energy eco-friendly
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] KIC Systems to exhibit 'U9-3000', intelligent reader equipping OS and RFID middle ware
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] Center of Self Organizing Software to introduce 'SOSp Alliance'
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] SANDEUL Information & Technology to show 'Wireless d-TMS Solution', automatic oil measuring system
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] LG Hitachi to show 'GLIS, Global Logistics Information Synchronization' Solution based on RFID
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] Share and Check the contents conveniently with '1cm' application of 'LOVE is TOUCH'
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] BITEK TECHNOLOGY to introduce RFID Label Printer for NFC
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] ECONARAE to introduce low power Co2 and WiFi module
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] NETHOM to introduce active RFID sensor for temperature
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] 'netKTI' to show a solution measuring integrated information of a car
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] PHYCHIPS to show 'UHF RFID H/W' total solution
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] Tain to display RFID TAG Antenna technology for UHF
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] Maxfor to show environment management technology based on USN
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] CyberLogitec to introduce a measured rate machine for food waste costing by weight of food
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] NAMUsoft to open 'Enterprise Disk', a office document management system
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] DUALi to showcase 'Dragon' NFC Reader/Writer which can deliver information without any restriction
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] EXAX to show 'Electronic Printing System' RFID total solution
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] S-RFID to display customized- RFID products and solution
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] ENERBIOTEC to exhibit 'EB-T100A', a smart cigarette smoke sensor
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] EPIS to strengthen capability of IT Convergence for farming and fishing village
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] SCSpro to display NFC Multi-Pad 'SPAY-6100'
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 Video] Opening Sketch Video
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] BIXOLON to exhibit industrial thermal label printer 'SLP-T400'
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] Attention to LSIS's 'Pocket Photo', a mobile printer optimized to smartphone
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] CEYON Technology to introduce 'RFID Conveyer'
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] Cest to show 'ELS' an electronic value declaration system in real time
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] SK Telecom to open 'Sh.air TV' interlocked with Smartphone TV and Laptop
[RFID/USN KOREA 2012 on-site] STMicroelectronics to introduce 'DUAL INTERFACE EEPROM' which can control devices using smartphone
The opening of 'RFID/USN Korea 2012' at COEX, KOREA
'RFID/USN Korea 2012', the upcoming exhibition to 'Accelerate IT Convergence with Smart Sensing!'
[Preview RFID/USN KOREA 2012] LIM will show NFC TAG attaching to metal products
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