ENTECH Hanoi 2012
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Latest News  
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] Bugok Stainless to exhibit stainless poles and pipes
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] StainBlast and Steel Shot withstanding 5,000 impacts are shown
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] Synopex to show Eco-friendly pulp mold press system
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] Koryeo Engineering introduces various ignition equipments to Vietnam
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] Pay attention to Zenfix, luxurious design and eco-friendly ceiling material!
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] Greencon Technology to exhibit dust-collector catching particles of micro units
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] Korea Ito to show Evaporator applying cutting edge technology to reduce liquid pressure
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] International environmental Technology to show solid/liquid separator treating livestock excretions
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 on-site] Aqus opens self-reliance type chlorine gas injector Aqus Series!
The only environment exhibition 'ENTECH Hanoi' !
[ENTECH Hannoi 2012] To let the world know superior Korean Environment/Energy Companies
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012] AQUS will be at ENTECh HANOI 2012
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012] Advanced Management System for Next Generation Energy Plant
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] KEITI to Run 'Foreign Cyber Trading Pavilion'
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] Korea ITO introduces liquid decompressing/liquid blocking vaporizer.
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] Cleanwave to show microwave- food vaccinating machine.
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] Entec21 to show newly made liquid outflow cut-off device.
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] Sinesteel to introduce a new paradigm 'SF-JOINT'
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] Synopex to display mobile water purifier, 'WATER911'
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] E-Sunjin to show eco-friendly deodorization facility that eliminated the danger of 2nd pollution
[ENTECH Hanoi 2012 Preview] International environmental technology to introduce the facility for managing the waste from the animals.

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