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Latest News  
[KOBA 2012 video] DDN to show storage solution selected by World medium of 600
[KOBA 2012 video] Buyer interview with Gregory, Buruns & McDonnell
[KOBA 2012 video] Buyer interview with George F. Greene, Greene Sheet
[KOBA 2012 video] Buyer interview with W. Guy Horbuck, AV MIDWEST
[KOBA 2012 video] Buyer interview with Logan, The Enright Company
[KOBA 2012 video] Buyer interview with David Rain, VIDKEY.
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Sovico to show 'MARQUIS dance club series' which enables users to create perfect club sound
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Harris Corporation to show multi viewer, 'HView™ SX Pro
[KOBA 2012 on-site] NES Technology to display digital imagery demonstration
[KOBA 2012 on-site] DLOGIXS to introduce integrated network control system
[KOBA 2012 on-site] BoMoon to show LCD VIDEO WALL 'BM-S5531D' which can make various sizes of screen
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Hansam System to show lighting system for professional broadcasting
[KOBA 2012 on-site] TTA to show test and certification instrument, domestically producing
[KOBA 2012 on-site] ETRI to show 'HEVC video beat-stream analyzer'
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Donghwa AV to show Ikegami full digital HDTV camera, 'HDK-55'
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Yamaha to show digital mixing console 'CL SERIES' which is possible to produce abundant amount of sound
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Green Trading Corporation to show many kinds of filming related equipments.
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Youngwon media, 'Storage Interface' with the same SONNET Thunderbolt speed
[KOBA 2012 on-site] JVC to introduce 4K Handheld camcorder 'GY-HMQ10'
[KOBA 2012 on-site] T3 Motion to exhibit motorcycle T3 for broadcast shooting
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Panasonic to introduce super high definition 3D image camera 'AG-3DP1G'
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Canon Korea to display 'EOS C300' which is optimal for film production
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Sony Korea exhibited 'PMW-100' which is solid state memory camcorder
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Feelux to introduce 'Pro-Feelmaster' which is being displayed at Yeosu EXPO
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Koil HI to introduce 'Panasonic 3D relay mobile' with 8 cameras
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Senabiz Tech, 'Mini CASTER' for portable streaming & Multi cast
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Visual Research to exhibit motion graphic system
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Matrix Media to show interior HD camera system
[KOBA 2012 on-site] CIS Tech, 'iAUTOMATION' a next generation auto-transmission system
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Sunmin MNS introduced Wenger's performance stage equipments
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Jedia to introduce 'Network in-house broadcasting' system
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Inkel PA to show 'DUO series' a digital and analogue multi in-house broadcasting
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Digital Hongil to introduce 'Wrangler FlexVTR' a digital archive and asset management system
[KOBA 2012 on-site] PACK to show 'Aero line array' series
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Lughscape to show 'MARUMO LED' lighting line up
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Lumisia introduced 'LUMI Painter' which is entertainment LED light
[KOBA 2012 on-site] BLS to introduce three types of DPA d: Series which is professional microphone
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Hanil TNC to introduce 'Reverse Lift' for stage light which solves spatial limit
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Lumos to exhibit 'Lumos300MK' a multiplayer LED light
[KOBA 2012 on-site] Youngdo BNC to introduce lights with ARRI camera of Germany
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