World IT Show 2012
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 Samsung(2)    3M(1)    Microtech System(1)    Spectrum(1)    AR Vision(1)    Union Community(1)    Jiwumedia(1)    Panasonic(1)    Future Robot(1)    FLIR(1)    ace innotec(1)    ADT Caps (1)    Any-Q(1)    Bluedigm(1)    Brown Innovation(1)    Cobaltray(1)    COSA KOREA(1)    D.oops(1)    ETRI(1)    IJ Celldeco(1)    J.VELL(1)    Jacklyn(1)    KT(1)    LG Electronics(1)    Mobizen(1)    Orion(1)    Redrover(1)    SEMANTIC REP(1)    SK Telecom(1)    Smardi(1)  
Language : :   Korean(89)    English(35)  
Latest News  
[World IT Show 2012] Actto to show 'Super Chair' which can adjust height / angle freely
[World IT Show 2012] Jacklyn's smart device case made of natural cowhide
[World IT Show 2012] Cobalt Ray to show Raypad, Android 4.0-mounted tablet PC
[World IT Show 2012] Semantic Rep Holdings to display FIVA , video ad that applies differentiated exposure technique
[World IT Show 2012] Hangook 3M to show Mobile ID Reader, mobile passport reader
[World IT Show 2012] Ace Group reveals colorful Fix Flexibility New iPad Case
[World IT Show 2012] Mobizen Beta Service by which PC can control smart phone is launched
[World IT Show 2012] Redrover to introduce RB-300A, vertical rig for 3D video camera that makes macro photograph possible
[World IT Show 2012] Flir system Korea introduces mobile IR camera
[World IT Show 2012] Sandus Cover & Pouch, Italian leather jacket for iPad, is introduced
[World IT Show 2012] Skin Guard of D-oops protects smart phone with bullet-proof film!
[World IT Show 2012] Witbee introduces Witbee Pad, standard education and learning pad
[World IT Show 2012] Smart Easy to introduce 'finger holder' with standing function to holder.
[World IT Show 2012] Samsung Electronics smart 3D Home Theater evolving to HiFi!
[World IT Show 2012] AR Vision to show Augmented Reality Applications.
[World IT Show 2012] ETRI to develope AR technology support camera, 3D drawings in the air!
[World IT Show 2012] Micro-Tech system to show 'Angry mon' which is a woofer & cradle for smartphone.
[World IT Show 2012] Brown Innovation 'smart sensor', Vitalize design, Guard rigorously!
[World IT Show 2012] Orion to display 117inch large screen 'Multi PDP e-board' which is composed of 1.9mm of bezel.
[World IT Show 2012] Jiwu media to open 'Miracle 7 View' which is a completion of 3 SCREEN
[World IT Show 2012] Save subscription expense of pay cable TV by installing digital antenna!
[World IT Show 2012] How much smart device becomes smart? Smardi to introduce 'A-Scan' which is an alcohol measuring device for smartphone
[World IT Show 2012] Blue Digm to introduce Enterprise Mobile Application Platform 'ENZ-MEAP'
[World IT Show 2012] Celldeco to capture attentions of overseas buyers with specialized aluminum smartphone accessory
[World IT Show 2012] Any-Q to display grinding and drying food waste disposer
[World IT Show 2012] Samsung Electronics to show premium monitor 'SB-970' for professional photographer.
[World IT Show 2012] Korea Cosa to introduce 'smart pack' which supports 100% water proof and shooting in the water.
[World IT Show 2012] Future Robot, smart service robot 'FURo' which provides various robot contents
[World IT Show 2012] LG Electronics, '55 inch OLED 3D TV' expresses tens of millions colors
[World IT Show 2012] ADT Caps to introduce medium and large scale building integrated management solution, 'ADT Site Cube'
[World IT Show 2012] Union Community to introduce 'Smart eye' which enables finger print recognition through smartphone
[WIS 2012 on-site] SK Telecom introduced 'Cloud biz' platform as corporate cloud times open.
[World IT Show 2012 on-site] Panasonic Korea, "Safe Pana Service" which enables real time image identification with smartphone
[World IT Show 2012 on-site] KT, Faster and stronger with teleport, 'LTE WAPR' demonstration
[WIS 2012] 'World IT Show 2012', the cutting edge IT Technologies to contend for victory

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