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Latest News  
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Dongshin University's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Department calls for interest in hydrogen and renewable energy
"SWEET 2012," closes after three days of expert new and renewable energy exhibition!
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Alfa System Windows and Door showcasing "BIPV" with solar heat power function added to construction materials
[SWEET 2012 Video] Buyer Interview with Noor Hossain, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES
[SWEET 2012 Video] interview with Pakistan Buyers in 'Welcome Reception'
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Yong-in Songdam College showcases a lithium battery pack made with PCB
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Topsun exhibits a single crystal solar heat module of 400Wp~420Wp
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Mystic Tie showcases an encoder for wind power
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Force-Line showcasing various bolting systems
[SWEET 2012 on-site] 'Investment attraction presentation and Welcome Reception' was run for active business exchanging
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Hyundai and Kia Motors exhibits a hydrogen fuel cell car Tucson ix
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Shletter Korea to presente the PV Module supporter
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Greentier exhibits an eco-friendly electric outboard motor
[SWEET 2012 on-site] GS-One to exhibit eco-friendly products such as LED lit road signs
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Pishone Energy to show ANYWIND Wind Turbine system
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Cygnuspower to exhibit 'Vertical Axis Wind Turbine'
[SWEET 2012 on-site] multi-language converting tourism system having PV Module
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Gyeonggi Daejin Technopark showcasing a system to build regional innovative technology
[SWEET 2012 on-site] TD Engineering exhibiting solar energy cat's eye safety road marker
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Cheonghae ENV exhibits an electromagnetic field generating device used to stably maintain water quality
[SWEET 2012 on-site] SUNGJI ST to present electric tricycle with enhanced gradability and speed
[SWEET 2012 on-site] ATSPYRON to display concentrating PV solar module of high efficiency
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Top Infra Solar to show Solar panel with variable-slop supporter!
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Ezinc Korea exhibits European-style solar energy water heater
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Daecheong Industry to show geothermal heat construction solution using 'Heat Pump'
[SWEET 2012 on-site] AD Motors to exhibit Eco electric Car 'Change'
[SWEET 2012 on-site] SEJIN Engineering to show cooling and heating system
[SWEET 2012 on-site] SPP Yulchon Energy to unveil Essential 22 components for Wind turbine!
[SWEET 2012 on-site] BOB Enterprise to exhibit electronis measurement equipment
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Sun Green showcasing "Double Vacuum Pipe Solar Heat Collector"
[SWEET 2012 on-site] AMT unveils 'Solar Block', a solar photovoltaic cell safety display
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Green Industry introduces solar photovoltaic energy safety display
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Haesung EMC unveiled 'independent solar photovoltaic security light' for the first time!
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Elsys introduces 'DMC SCADA', remote monitoring support software for wind power generators
[SWEET 2012 on-site] APACK to show varied LED illuminations and a sloar collector of single vacuum tube type
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Green Energy Systems unveils electricity production system using temperature difference
[SWEET 2012 on-site] SunCarrier Korea to introduce 'Tracker' a solar heat development facility
[SWEET 2012 on-site] Haebaram Energy exhibits 1KW small wind power generator set
[SWEET 2012 on-site] DMS develops 2MW wind power generator
[SWEET 2012 on-site] MRT to exhibit PV cell small LED luminaire for emergency exit sign
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