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Latest News  
'Seoul Internatonal Education Fair for children' is ended in great success
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Orda Korea, 'Magnet Gabe' which consists of hardwood and magnet
[EDUCATION 2012 on-site] 'Mini seat' for both of a quick board and bicycle for kids under 3age
[EDUCATION 2012 on-site] 'Color Folder'! Functional childcare center mats
[EDUCATION 2012 on-site] '3D Puzzle' of WORKSI for brain development
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Kimchii to suggest 'Woori I Kimchi', a Kimchi Lactic-acid candy
[EDUCARE2012 on-site] PALMER'S to introduce 'Olive Butter Formula' an organic cream for whole family
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Evolution of MAGFORMERS! GYMBOREE to show 'Super Brain Set'
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] BABY BANZ Korea, Attention to Kids outdoor fashion products!
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Magic castle to show varied kinds of 'Hand dolls'
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] 'Sevi'! harmless Hardwood toys!
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] JY Books to show 'No Bu Young' book for english speaking ability
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Nistul to exhibit a system desk and a chair which can be used from 5 years old kids to adults
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] P'kolino to introduce the line up of 'Little Reader', a nation baby chair
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Selecta Korea to present eco-environment toys made with natural material
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Multi-function bicycle of Little tikes F&K
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Sobins Baby to exhibit varied eco-products including an aqueous nail polish
[EDUCARE2012 on-site] VENTA Korea to introduce 'Deco Mashine eCraft' and 'Scrap-booking' for varied decoration
[EDUCATION 2012 on-site] 'TOKKINEZIP Board' leads the world Eco Boards!
[EDUCATION 2012 on-site] 'Mother's Corn' Eco Tableware made with the Corn
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] 'Geni school' a special education program for the gifted of Korea Shichida Training Institute
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] HAMSOA Pharm to present 'Hama JJang Milk-on' a nutritious snack for children
[EDUCAR 2012 on-site] Snaps to introduce 'Smart photo'! Easy and Fast!
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Brico to suggest eco red-clay block education tool
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Natural Choice to introduce various Fruit chips having sweet & sour flavor and nutrition
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] 'New Plus Hardwood Magnet Education Tool' which can enjoy wood texture with varous color
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] 'Corecar' a safe toy car without noise
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] MiMi World to show speaking 'Pong Pong Korean dictionary'
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] 'Morphun Block', Express all your imagination!
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] MCA Sand to display 'Moist sand' breathing fragrance sand for play
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] KiWoom to introduce useful and fun multiple intelligence art book series
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Korea stamp to display a wide variety of stamps including the art, cartoon, decoration, alphabet and number
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] iNET to exhibit varied hardwood education tools and toys
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Cradle Korea to exhibit 'Book Tree' a tree which reads a book to kids
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Dongbu-greenbio to introduce 'Omega Swirl' to keep health of whole family
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] 'Amazing Baby World' scientific and systematic education program by age
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Cell BioTech, 'DUOLAC YamYam' going to intestine!
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] Kang Kung Suk Board to present Romantic pastel color Board
[EDUCATION 2012 on-site] Rosetta Stone to show English study solution based on cutting edge technology
[EDUCARE 2012 on-site] TAKOS to introuce baby products 'ANGE' which boasts sensibe design and practicality
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