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Latest News  
'The 2nd Seoul International Good Sleep Fair' throws open the door of new opportunity for sleep related industries in Korea
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] The extracts of green tea from the greentea-tech which helps the bedding gears to have higher ability in terms of sterilizing
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Komorebi to grab the attention of the consumers by introducing the 'Marshmallow cushion' which helps a good night sleep
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] U-world Home Folder to display environment-friendly designed wooden bedding gears
[Good Sleep 2012] "ADHD inducing lack of sleep to have correlation with the suicides of adolescents"
Mr. Dusan Bella, Slovakia ambassador in Korea, is looking around 'Good Sleep 2012' with his wife
Han Myeong Sook, the late prime minister appears at 'Seoul International Good Sleep 2012'
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Hephzibah to show health necklace and pack for a massage
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Kammi Apparel to show pajamas for encouraging a good night sleep
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Crispy BAA BAA to show sheet-cover for a stroller made of premium natural wool
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] KGC Lifengin to show 'weaver-jen' that helps relieve the stress
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] NAYUTA to display functional pad, 'RAYRON'
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] 7 pieces are contributing to sleep? Introduction of Venygood grabbed the attention!
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Selico to introduce bedding gears using the extracts of green tea
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] IFOAM to display various kinds of pillows that utilized memory foam
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Shim Ji to introduce aroma fragrant candle for alleviating fatigues and for a good night sleep
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Karapia to show snoring preventing instrument, 'snore-ben'
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Komorebi to show a relax-cushion for encouraging a good night sleep
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Rabiotech to introduce the 'happy sleep sound pillow' which has the osteophony speaker inside!
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] GASFF to grab attention of the masks used for sleeping called GLO
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] ACE BED to display, mobile sleeping R&D sleeping Institute under the name of 'visiting bed-science
[Good Sleep 2012 Video] Information of Deep/Healthy Sleep at one Spot!
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Osimkorea to show human-touch 3D massage chairs
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Geomc to show 'MCsquare X7' that stimulates the amount of concentration and rest
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Feelux, let's make a studying room that changes the light based upon the bio-rhythm
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] DONG YANG EASY-TECH to show fire-free heating mattress 'T-1200'
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Sidai BNS to introduce bedding gears certified by the German ECO patent
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] The health to show portable light-therapy instrument, 'litebook'
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Inno-I to show non-gravity based massaging chairs
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Human-line to show eye-scan that encourages people to go on a good night sleep
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] JaeWang Trading to show mattress made of natural latex and pillows
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Berriesone to show aronia that contains anthocyanin
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] The nozoair which prevents snoring just by spraying on the nose!
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Crispy BAA BAA to show 'Thin wadding wool-blanket' which only used natural fabric
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Jodshop to introduce many kinds of bed made of natural materials
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Greentea-tech to show bedding gears made from the extracts of green tea.
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Aromanatur to introduce their aroma ear candles
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] May & Lavender Farm to introduce instruments made with lavender oil.
Enjoying the GOOD SLEEP 2012 by 100 times!-Starting from the lectures to personal experience !
[Good Sleep 2012 on-site] Seoul Sleep Clinic to introduce a program for polysomnography
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