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Latest News  
[Preview in China 2012 Video] MS International to introduce women casual brand 'Tarae mk'
[Preview in China 2012 Video] MILL&I to show 'LUXE MILL', a premium ready-made clothes brand
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Pancoat's clothes with 'Big Eye'
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Blooming's romantic women wear
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Bitsalmoony to presente digital textile print products
[Previes in China 2012 on-site] KOFOTI hosts 'Korea-China Fashion Company Business Joint Seminar'
[Preview in China 2012 Video] KAKI BY, Silk and lace!
[Preview in China 2012 Video] ING-A to show clothes having detailedness of handcraft
[Preview in China 2012 Video] INNOCENCE to exhibit party wear made with natural material
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Sling Stone to exhibit Unisex mode total collection
[Preview in China 2012 Video] JOLIE&DEEN with theme of 'natural naissance'
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Lee Yujeong Wedding to show Evening/Party dress with beautyful line
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Yesom to suggest natural dye fashion
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Natural dye clothes 'SoTong'
[Preview in China 2012 Video] A layerd look of Atmue
[Preview in China 2012 Video] MINEM HOMME to show total business wear for men
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Todaybrand to show women clothes the theme of 'Come dance with me'
[Preview in China 2012 Video] NY to show women wear for both of party and office
[Preview in China 2012 Video] Sketch out on-site of Preview in China
'Preview in China 2012' ended in great success, confirming global competitiveness of Korean wave of fashion
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] D.AVENUE to exhibit women one-piece with motto of 'Women's body is beautiful'
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] ISAE F&C to show silk products dyed with mud
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Toss to show 'Snow Skirt' which directs loose fit
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] NISA to introduce colorful knit for women
[Previes in China 2012 on-site] KOFOTI hosts 'Korea-China Fashion Company Business Joint Seminar'
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Z.I.GALLERY to pursue modern but avant-garde with oriental style
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Slingstone to show total collection in unisex mode
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Unique Korea! With 'Functional material'
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Hobak Jewerly to show hand-crafted natural stone accessories
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Muldrin to show natural dye products having modern sense
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Kim Hyeju's NaturalWear to exhibit Town Wear made with naturally stained fabrics
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Yesom to suggest Eco-fashion by natural dye
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Second Round to display street fashion sunglass 'SNRD'
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Unique Korea! With 'S/S seasin trend'
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] 'SoTong' to introduce fashion collection of natural dye
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Unique Korea! With 'Natural dye'
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] IFAA to show manually tailored original designs
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] 7tree to exhibit spring knits of natural color
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] Designed by Jaewoo Kim to present character casuals for career women
[Preview in China 2012 on-site] ING-A to show design having detailedness of handicraft
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