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Latest News  
Domestic the only Pharmaceutical Ingredient Exhibition 'KOREA PHARM' was winding up with the a great diversity of foreign buyers
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Codebio to introduce luxury placental cosmetics Bio-Tae
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, 'Pharmaceutical discussed 'PIC/S' in the 'Meeting of factory chiefs of domestic pharmaceutical companies'.
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Dongkwang Pharm Natural ingredient degenerative arthritis medicine 'Aragan Plus Injection'
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Korea Agilent Tech, introduces LC/GC which can divide many kinds of compounds
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Sekisui KOREA to introduce various kinds of fields in their industry
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Taiguk to display curing medicine for freckles, the 'Domina Cream'
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Donga to show an efficient pill for curing impotence
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Suheung's capsule to contain various hoof shape drug/food
[KOREA PHARM 2012 on-site] Ildong pharmaceutical's Aronamin golden for fatigue reducing
[KOREA PHARM 2012] ENERGYCO with the Fine Chemicals, Intermediates, ingredients and silane auxiliaries; cotton swab; ceramic beads.
[KOREA PHARM 2012] Yichang Yonggim with the Food/cosmetic/pharmaceutical ingredients
[KOREA PHARM 2012] Dalian Richon Chem, one of the Chinese leading suppliers in Drugs field in the international market
[KOREA PHARM 2012] ZHEJIANG METALLURGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE will show many precious metal compounds and catalysts in pharmaceutical industry
[KOREA PHARM 2012] BANGKOK BOTANICA, "Bringing you the best in Thai Herbal Innovations"
[KOREA PHARM 2012] BACHEM, An independent, technology-based, public biochemicals company
[KOREA PHARM 2012] Shanghai Aurisco International Trading will display their products at KOREA PHARM

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