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Latest News  
The 2nd KOREA MAT 2012 was winding up in Great Success!
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Juyoung ADS to show 'ADS-IP-1000', non-vibratinon pallet
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Korea Conveyor engineering to introduce belt-type low-noise Conveyor
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Korea Container Pool to introduce various logistic containers
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Kofas to display Electric Mobile Rack, optimized complex item storage
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] FMS-Korea to introduce 'GMS' which is custom package temperature control system
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Younglim Timber showed 'multistage wooden boxes which are optimized for various agricultural products.
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Asetec to introduce Automatic Classification System of apparelgoods shipped"ATA"
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Bixolon to introduce industrial label printer "SLP-T400II'
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] Damon corporation introducing large conveyor system "Damon Roller Series"
[KOREA MAT 2012 on-site] G.S ace industry to introduce multifunctional "Universal roller track"
[KOREA MAT 2012] Jenbunjerd, a leading manufacturer/ importer/ distributor and exporter of the most comprehensive Range of materials handling products and equipment

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