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Latest News  
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Security Tape of Samyeong Ecotech that protects security with a sticker
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Korea NM to introduce tornado thermal dryer and cooler Tornesh Dryer
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Fermentec to display FMT-DS Series, optimal bioreactor for laboratory
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] GNG Korea to show Rocking Mixer, 3D mixer for laboratory
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Sambo Measurement System to introduce Super Platon, Kubota pallet foreign body screening system
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Burkert to display Clean System in pharmaceutical & food and drink parts
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Descote to introduce Bellows-Seal Valve used in dangerous environment
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] SEJIN Tech to show AUGER TYPE VACUUM COMPACTOR which enables compact packing.
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Netzsch Korea showed ROTARY Lobe Pump, 'TORNADO'.
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Sung Shin Air Compressor to showe oil-free screw compressor, 'ZW Series'
[KOREA CHEM 2012 on-site] Sympatec to introduce particle size and particle shape analysis system.
[KOREA CHEM 2012] TECHLINK to promote "Best Available Technologies" for handling dangerous and corrosive chemicals
[KOREA CHEM 2012] VAHTERUS to show PSHE (Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers)
[KOREA CHEM 2012] PT DUA KUDA INDONESIA, one of the largest and specialized manufacturer of stearic acid, hydrogenated RBD palm stearin and others
[KOREA CHEM 2012] DESCOTE, a Specialist of Bellows Sealed Globe Valve for Hazardous Media
[KOREA CHEM 2012] Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry to introduce varied products made with Titanium
[KOREA CHEM 2012] Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment to present various filter Cartridges

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