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Latest News  
KOREA PACK 2012 closed was winding up bearing the biggest fruit ever
Variety of packaging technologies and related products, 'KOREA PACK Exhibition 2012' to Hit the highest number of visitors ever
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Jinyoung Packaging to display environment-friendly Recycle Paper Case
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Isung Engineering to display ZD130S, multi-joint palletizing robot
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Tailim Packaging to show Octagonal Box with various merits
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Nakakin to introduce various products including rotary pumps
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Taechu to show industrial marking/counting/reading solution
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] HPM Global to introduce packing machine for mass production Rotary Packer
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Ishida Korea to display automatic combined meter CCW-R-209WB
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Multivac Korea to introduce cutting-edge car assembly line
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Hanjae PNS to introduce paper-buffered packing system and retrievable separation-type multi-step box
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Sungdo Soluwin to show Re-board that make various design expressions possible
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] CAS to demonstrate simultaneous measurement and movement!
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Sky Softgel to display Multi Counting Machine for encapsulated package
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Mettler Toledo Korea to show precision automated powder dosing system for laboratory
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Markem-imaje Korea to introduce lowercase letter inkjet printer and thermal printer
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] DaeRyong to introduce O2-fresh film
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Equalityline to introduce a metal detector and a tape sealing equipment
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Modenbox to introduce a new 3D design program
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Doosan to display DSM600-SPZ
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Koreco Pack to show next generation eco-friendly pulp foam
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Bomunprint to introduce various kinds of package products
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Daesan industry to introduce Magic Cell Printing technololy
[KOREA PACK 2012 on-site] Clover Chemical to exhibit Chemical Products Packaging
'KOREA PACK 2012' for Packing process industry to be held at KINTEX
[KOREA PACK 2012] Thantawan Industry, leading packaging company in Thailand
[KOREA PACK 2012] Ningbo Zhengli, one of the leading professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical packing in China
[KOREA PACK 2012] GUALA DISPENSING SPA will presente fashionable, exclusive and top quality level package including PUMP DISPENSER, Trigger series and others

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