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Latest News  
[KIPES 2012 on-site] Amsky Korea to show 'AURORA' Series, a printing system
To the world's first across the Asia! IGEEC 2012 ended in great success!
[IGEEC 2012 on-site]Bosung Powertech to present BS-LA Support with light-weight and high-rigidity steel material
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Youngshin Quartz to show quartz tube for semi-conductor manufacturing
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] DETCO to introduce Solar Energy Dual-Layer Glass System
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] STX Solar to exhibit high efficiency single crystal solar-cell module
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Hileben to exhibit 'SUNUP', a PV out enhancement system
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] 'FLIR T seriese' a thermal burn infrared rays camera which can shoot at any angles
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Seunglim Carbon Metal to exhibit 'Graphite Heater' not melted
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Osung LST to exhibit Wafer developed by Osung
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Edison Solitec to present world's best efficient 'SunPower E20' solar-cell module
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Korea Refu-Solar to present 'REFUsol 008K-020K' inverter with the maximum efficiency of 98.2%
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Hanyoung to present various high-purity quartz products for solar-cell/semi-conductors
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Korea Emerson Electric to reveal Inverter operating at 900W
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] IK Steel to present unibody solar-cell 'Solar-Roof Panel'
[IGEEc 2012 on-site] Siemens to present compact sized solar-cell inverter 'SINVERT PVM'
[IGEEC 2012] Semikron to present 3-level IGBT which raising energy efficiency ratio
[IGEEC 2012] DASSTECH to show Grid-Connected PV inverter technology
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Hanhwa Solar to present solar-cell module 'SF220 Poly x-tra' with 25 years of performance guarantee
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Samsung SDI to introduce 'EV Charging Station Energy Storage system' with reduced maximum power load
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Hex power system to release PV inverter for Home without noise
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] Kinetic Energy to exhibit coating film which improves optical penetration ratio
[IGEEC 2012 on-site] KDMT to exhibit dual tracker which reduce external device cost
[IGEEC 2012] Attention! Wind Turbine Installation Vessel!
[IGEEC 2012] Shinsung Solar Energy to introduce weight lightening module of new technology
[IGEEC 2012] HWASEUNG Industry to introduce inert filler for Solar Module which reduces hardening time
[IGEEC 2012] OCI to present innovative LED SAPPHIRE Ingot to save energy
[IGEEC 2012] DSME to introduce 7MW offshore wind power generator
[IGEEC 2012] Woongjin Energy to introduce Diamond wire saw method wafer
[IGEEC 2012] DSME to show 2MW land wind power generator 'D9 Series'
'The 9th International Green Energy Expo' which leads Asia Green energy exhibitions raising the curtains!
[Preview IGEEC 2012] ISOVOLTAIC to show tried and proven ICOSOLAR backsheets
[Preview IGEEC 2012] Osung LST will show wafer developed by independent technical skills
[Global Exhibition 2012] Worldwide the most Crucial common Solution Green Energy Exhibition!
[Preview IGEEC 2012] Woongjin Energy to exhibit high quality wafer that applies 500MW diamond wire Saw method of construction
[IGEEC 2012] EBISU Industry to show bracket which can be installed all type rooves
[IGEEC 2012] ASYS SOLAR will unveil advanced and innovative metallization concepts OF XS2 Screen Printer
[IGEEC 2012] More and More Big Players gathering at International Green Energy Expo 2012, Daegu, Korea
[IGEEC 2012] The speech of World's leading authorities for drawing international attention

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