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Latest News  
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Vantech D&C to exhibit crossover camping car 'Racoon'
'Automotive Week 2012' for global Auto Aftermarket is ended with great success
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] HBC korea to exhibit Auto total care 'HBC-system'
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Jungjin Hitech to show specialty tools like smoke collector
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Power Plaza to present electric automobile YEBBUJANA
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] JoyM to exhibit 'V3D BRACA' wheel alignment system built with proprietary technology
[Automotive 2012 on-site] SH Camping car to present 'Travel bird 415' Caravan with German artisan spirit
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Auto Pro up to show a repairing grinder and a presser
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Inhwa Industry Oilpressure Machine to introduce simple car restoration BIC TOOL Kit
[2012 AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] A1 to introduce 'T2 Plus', a deodorant harmless to human body
[Automotive 2012 on-site] High End Camping car to introduce 'Truck Camper'
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Kyungdo Vision Tech 'Chom Chom i' to make better toolbox space
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Sinos to exhibit Gasoline LPI Injector Tester
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Kyoungwon Technology to introduce the latest digital wheel alignment measuring device
[Automotive 2012 on-site] Korea-Japan Drift Race!
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] BFL to reveal economic camping caravan 'DELPIN 270'
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Hankook Tire to introduce 'Smart Care Service' for solving various car-care problems
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] EDWIN RV to show Luxury camping car for 9 people 'ES900' which runs on bus lane
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] SHUTZ to show high purity silica coating material
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] INNOTEK Korea to exhibit 'Smart-i' a blackbox of HD and Big screen
[Automotive 2012 on-site] Cheilmobile, the champion of camping car components market
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Naun Tool to exhibit Bosch's industrial endoscope with high-resolution display
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] NA EUN TOOL to exhibit high resolution Bosh endoscope for industry
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Bluebird Enterprise to show off-road caravan appropriate for Korean topography
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Shin Hyeing INT to exhibit smartphone holder 'XENOMIX' series
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Caravan Club korea to introduce European caravan 'Starlet 390CP'
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] SUNMAK to present automobile vitamin called 'AutoVita'
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Bavarian Motors, to show 'Mini Cooper' with various color and model
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] SONAX to introduce various car-care products used for Mercedes, BMW and Audi
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Nareaco to show environmental-friendly wrapping sheets
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Lucksun to show wheel aligner and master balancer
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] PALLAS to introduce Dometic's automotive air-conditioner
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Carnet Korea to exhibit varied tuning parts and Auto oil exchanging machine
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] AJ RACING to exhibit 'Disk Caliper Pad' varied breaks for tuning
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Hansol Engineering to introduce brake fluid tester
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] ICE to build large-scale drying booth with HSWG module
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] NEOT to present multi-featured Flammable Safety Cabinets
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] KM Korea to exhibit car repair products of overseas leading companies
[Automotiveweek 2012 on-site] Dressupcar to introduce car sunting film
[AutomotiveWeek 2012 on-site] Auto total diagnosis machine 'Auto Boss V30'
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