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Latest News  
'The 28th Korea International medical & hospital facility exhibition' is ended With Abundant Fruit
[KIMES 2012 video] Claymount to show SmartBucky DM
[KIMES 2012 video] Interview with FAMCO INTERNATIONAL
[KIMES 2012] Siemens Healthcare Korea to release 3D breast automation scanner 'ABVS'
[KIMES 2012] JAWON MEDICAL to introduce 'EX PLUS 1300', both arms blood pressure measurement, the world's first
[KIMES 2012] International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 'KIMES 2012' ended in great success
[KIMES 2012] KM Healthcare to present Fabric for surgery with superior Ventilation
[KIMES 2012] OsteoSys to show varied bone density measurement apparatus
[KIMES 2012] JW Medical to exhibit 'JW-T7000' New product operating table
[KIMES 2012] Comed medical to open three kinds of cutting edge digital X-Ray apparatus
[KIMES 2012] Philips to release home Automated External Defibrillator of one million won
[KIMES 2012] MEDIEN International to release 'GALAXY LITE' which can install in small space
[KIMES 2012] International Copper Association to introduce Antimicrobial Copper products
[KIMES 2012] JVM to show apparatus for automation cutting in half 'ezCUT'
[KIMES 2012 video] Interview with Dr. AICHAOUI Abdenour
[KIMES 2012] BIONICS to introduce varied monitor apparatus for patients
[KIMES 2012] Genoray to show 'DMX-600' suitable to minuteness breast of the Oriental woman
[KIMES 2012] Sometech to show 3D Laparoscopy System
[KIMES 2012 Video] Interview with Win Win Medical / C&G Technologies
[KIMES 2012] HANKOOK BED to show new hydraulic shower trolley
[KIMES 2012] Medonica to exhibit varied portaable wireless 'X-Ray'
[KIMES 2012] MiKi Korea to show electricity wheelchair 'KORI-7' as the first in Korea
[KIMES 2012] N-TECH to exhibit the power of glasses treatment special table 'NTJ-1000'
[KIMES 2012] Infinitt Healthcare to presnete 3-D diagnosis supporting system 'Xelis'
[KIMES 2012] Carestream to prsente Digital X-Ray Products
[KIMES 2012] Panasonic Korea to show Massage sofa having massage function and design
[KIMES 2012] CyberMedic to introduce sports training&rehabilitation instrument 'SpaceBalance 3D'
[KIMES 2012] Dongbang Healthdyne to present a respirator 'G5' of HAMILTON
[KIMES 2012] KTS to release 'Aqua Zone' for hydrogymnastics
[KIMES 2012] apsun Inc to show Upper body exercise system 'ReoGo' inducing 3D remedial exercise
[KIMES 2012] LUTRONIC to exhibit skin care laser optical equipment 'INFINI' adding RF function
[KIMES 2012] CU Medical to presnet automatic defibrillator for all people
[KIMES 2012] Medical Supply to show 'Bladder Scan', 3-D Residual urine measurement instrument
[KIMES 2012] DAEKYOUNG IND. to release New Premium Massager
[KIMES 2012] Watch the vivid KIMES 2012 in Video
[KIMES 2012] Alpinion to show ultrasonic waves equipment E-CUBE series of 3 pieces
[KIMES 2012] FineM to exhibit 'Redcord Workstation System' well known for 'Sling'
[KIMES 2012] OMRON Healthcare to provide accuracy measurment with sphygmomanometer having sensor
[KIMES 2012 ] BITcomputer to show next generation medical informtaion solution 'Cloud computing'
[KIMES 2012] Listem to show Digital X-Ray 'UNI-DR'
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