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Latest News  
'The 22nd Seoul International Sourcing Fair for Premium Gifts & Home ware Exhibition' to acheive quantitative & qualitative growth
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Buyer Interview with Sakae Shikawa from Japan
[SIPREMIUM 2012 Video Interview]Interview with Goh Sin Min, a President of Menlon Agency in Singapore
[SIPREMIUM 2012 Video Interview] Interview with the French buyer, Thierry Nannette
[SIPREMIUM 2012 Video Interview] Mathew Hansen, a managing director of BOKAER HANSEN
[SIPREMIUM 2012] ASUKA to introduce Bonny L 'Pendant Loupe', accessory type reading glasses
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Scholas to exhibit 3D puzzle 'Pop Out World' with Rich creativity
[SIPREMIUM 2012] CHOSUMI Cake Tower to show delicious 'Cake Towel'
[SIPREMIUM 2012] moou Design to present the sensitive smartphone accessory 'Hot Dog Robo'
[SIPREMIUM 2012] DCUBATOR to show istinctive Lollypop case / holder
[SIPREMIUM 2012] SUNNONE to dispay 'U-Board Smart' awared by ISPA
[SIPREMIUM 2012] YAGOB to show interior items which preserve feeling of hardwood
[SIPREMIUM 2012] DAESUNG HI-TECH's groundbreaking sealing tool 'AnyLock' with waterproof
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Sposis to release two-way eco chopping board base & Tray
[SIPREMIUM 2012] The propose of More than chocolate Korea with Sweet Chocolate!
[SIPREMIUM 2012] JM Green to exhibit 'AlAlE SSook' a frozen seasoning container
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Smart EZ to show 'Finger Holder' for smart phone holding
[SIPREMIUM 2012] 'Mohock' eco smart umbrella of JATAE International
[SIPREMIUM 2012] DOORE SAEM to exhibit a paper feeling Eco-bag 'AIR COLLECTION'
[SIPREMIUM 2012] FINEDEAL INTERNATIONAL! Office articles evolve into multi-media!
[SIPREMIUM 2012] SYS COMPANY to show Diaries of advanced features
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Funzip's Premium Handmade Uniform designed like casual clothes
[SIPREMIUM 2012] NINEWARE to introduce Kitchen utensils of new concept
[SIPREMIUM 2012] ELUNANI to show varied home interior using classy PVC material
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Global Diary crosses the border! TS diary for companies
[SIPREMIUM 2012] PFC to present LED phone number plats for parking
[SIPREMIUM 2012] SUNGDO TECH to show 'Happy Doni &Happy Deni' coin banks with sensitivity
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Myeong In Company to introduce three kinds of car goods
[SIPREMIUM 2012] SEHYUP to exhibit 'Table clock' with light function
[SIPREMIUM 2012] ERARRA International to show 'Phone Pet' a smart phone holder
[SIPREMIUM 2012] ITR to presente stylish umbrellas equipping a safety device
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Yoonto to show wick flowerpots which can be provided adequate water automatically
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Intervision to introduce Bathroon articles with microfibre process technology
[SIPREMIUM 2012] KOREATECH to show 'SodaStream' a carbonated drink that can be made in Hone
[SIPREMIUM 2012] BnN to exhibit a funtional & portable reading desk/notes/plaques cases/frames
[SIPREMIUM 2012] RedPointShop to show Eco Project 'Environment friendly Note'
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Blance Tooth to present Portable design tooth brush 'High Lips'
[SIPREMIUM 2012] Huming global to exhibit table humidifier 'Dim Sum'
[SIPREMIUM 2012] IDIP to show the IT device holder 'i-3'
[SIPREMIUM 2012] CUTTER KOREA to introduce 'Ceramic Knife' which keeps the favor of food
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