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Latest News  
[VIP ASIA 2011] Seil Apparel, Special 'Swallow Raincoat'
[VIP ASIA2011] Acer, Super Slim Acer Ultra Book 'Aspire S3'
[VIP ASIA 2011] WINIX, Ceramic Fan Heater 'HTF-505RRF'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Hansol Homedeco 'Story Wall' Environment friendly finishing materials
[VIP ASIA 2011] WINIX, Air washer 'WB-107R'
[VIP ASIA 2011] EMONS, 'Antoinette Bedroom Set'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Interbath, Bidet toilet bawl of all-in-one type 'EQ-2000D'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Blue Rabbit, Promoting Brain development 'Baby Elephant KOYA'
[VIP ASIA 2011] GL Tech, LED illumination 'Dotori'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Ntech, Second PC solution 'Com Together'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Woosung Sound, Dual balance amateur 'EXS X20' earphone
[VIP ASIA 2011] Xoopar, Super light/small Ultrasonic waves humidifier 'Dim Sum'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Handmade 'UMI shoes' considering child's foot
[VIP ASIA 2011] Mega Create, 'Eco Calendar' for earth environment
[VIP ASIA 2011] CAPHARM, 'Plagentra' skin care for pregnant women
[VIP ASIA 2011] Forb, High stability Car seat 'Revo-S' with aluminum frame and ISO FIX
[VIP ASIA 2011] Vibe BS, earring type feel earphone 'NVE-300SE' for outdoor
[VIP ASIA 2011] Forb, reversible multiple baby sling 'Dorothy-R'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Inglesina, Innovative design and funcianality pram 'Avio'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Magic Cara, 'Smart Cara' for waste-disposal unit
[VIP ASIA 2011] Nuna, Dutch premium baby bouncer 'Leaf'
[VIP ASIA 2011] Prebebe, Guardian Pro2 of German Kiddy
[VIP ASIA 2011] Combi, Miracle Turn Premier having an Air Throught System
[VIP ASIA 2011] Bluetooth wireless stereo headset 'Back Beat 903 Plus+'
[VIP ASIA 2011] S-view 'Face Sunglass' to protect whole face
[VIP ASIA 2011] The core of Home networking 'Samsung Wall pad SHN-8610'
[VIP ASIA 2011] 'Samsung digital door lock SHS-6020' with convenience and safety
[VIP ASIA 2011] Jewel of Casablanca 'Valle Andino' limited production
[VIP ASIA 2011] Easy Move, 'I-Chair Pro' wheel chair as well as pram
[VIP ASIA 2011] KOAS, Smart office furniture V6 system
[VIP ASIA 2011] FUJI Xerox printers, A4 Color Lazor printer
'VIP ASIA 2011 AWARD' to hold with great success

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