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Latest News  
[P&I 2012 Video Interview] John Swainston, a Senior Vice President for the DayMen Group, owners of the Lowepro
[P&I 2012 video] Peak design to displays Camera clip System 'Capture'
[P&I 2012 video] HUGGER to display fashionable bags for camera/laptop/ipad
[P&I 2012 video] BLACKRAPID to show Camera Straps designed fit perfectly.
[P&I 2012 video] Visitor interview with Kyle Mcgregor
[P&I 2012 on-site] Meet Canon Korea's New Camera which will be releaed soon!
'Photo & Imaging 2012' which showed cutting edge photo & video technology and trend is closed in great success
[P&I 2012 on-site] "Let's go on a trip" with 'Air frame' of TEEV
[P&I 2012 on-site] Arttre to direct exclusive gallery with frames!
[P&I 2012 on-site] Eggram to release 'Hot Shoe Cover' of twinkle crystal
[P&I 2012 on-site] 'Kodak 305 Photo Printer' the king of business photo printer
[P&I 2012 on-site] LC Coperation to display 'Quick Shoot Strap', a functional camera shoulder strap
[P&I 2012 on-site] CBN to show much slimmer and more durable, 'Art Book Album'
[P&I 2012 on-site] JC media net to exhibit, 'GENUS Kit 1' a shoulder mount for experts
[P&I 2012 on-site] DTPIA to show My own 'Photo book'
[P&I 2012 on-site] Perfect water safe! DICAPAC to show Smartphone water-proof pack 'WP-C1'
[P&I 2012 on-site] KNOWCK to show Store TV and Street TV connected with cloud service
[P&I 2012 on-site] JEON MANG FRAME to introduce characterful frames of 12 animals
[P&I 2012 on-site] LOWEPRO to lead the Camera bag and outdoor market at the same time with 'Flipside Sport'
[P&I 2012 on-site] Hi Frame to display high gloss acrylic frams
[P&I 202 on-site] Everything of Eigital Printing, Fine Art Papers of Durico C&T
[P&I 2012 on-site] Photo Clam's masterwork 'Pro gold' series, a Ball Head for Experts
[P&I 2012on-site] 'Photo Plus' which embraces both sensitivity and technology
[P&I 2012 on-site] Carima to show 'Master + Plus' the Rapid Light Prototyping System(Metal
[P&I 2012 on-site] Chung Kwang Machine to suggest 'One stop album machine' of 15 minutes
[P&I 2012 on-site] Vonjean corperation to exhibit 'Trekker Q' a trpod which can be put into carrier
[P&I 2012 on-site] CHUNWOOSYSTEM to display 'Instax Mini 50S Piano Black'
[P&I 2012 on-site] Aurora Lite Bank to exhibit LED flat illumination for soft light
[P&I 2012 on-site] CHIN GU SA I to display varied baby dresses for shooting
[P&I 2012 on-site] SMDV 'FlashWave3' radio slave system very powerful to temperature changing
[P&I 2012 on-site] Innovation of small commercial studio lighting, Broncolor 'para88'
[P&I 2012 on-site] EPSON to show optimized printing solution for BABY Studio
[P&I 2012 on-site] Motion Bistro to show dolly and lighting kit of leading overseas company
[P&I 2012 on-site] ARTSIGN to display silver frame which can be utilized variously
[P&I 2012 on-site] FUJIFILM's 'X' LINE Premium Booth!
[P&I 2012 on-site] Gallery Yedam to show eco environment frame
[P&I 2012 on-site] Incredible Powerful Durability, 'Extreme Pro' of SANDISK
[P&I 2012 on-site] Taking out the Camera bag! Hybrid Backpack, photo tracking 'TAKE'
[P&I 2012 on-site] Hansol to display 'Acrylic Frame' which realizes much clearer resolution
[P&I 2012 on-site] Inkchem to display Curved Surface Printing system of 3D
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