The 25th EDU-CARE Fair for Children
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Latest News  
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] BABY banz to introduce goggles and warmers for junior
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Momscare to introduce 'Mai Mai' certificated Australia organic farming
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Seoul Cheese to show 'Kid magic show with enfant cheese'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Jeon Taewon Furniture Gallery for kid's room decoration with originality and personality furniture
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Toyda education to introduce 'Curix block'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] P' kolino korea to introduce functional kid-furniture including 'Little reader'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Hamsoa medicine to introduce red ginseng concentrate for kid 'Hongki Tongki'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] MCA sand to present moist sand 'Air clay'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] The Chunjae education to introduce 'Series of the birthday book from first to third'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Woongjin junior to sell on sale the Korean language card and educational books for children
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] JONG-IE-NARA to has an events 'UP the brain', 'UP the fun' and 'UP & UP the origami'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Kid-craft (FNTTNT) to present the 'Large kitchen'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Dan-corea to introduce winterized arm warmers for baby carriage 'Hajour hand-muff'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Children's Dream Land to exhibit eco-friendly education products
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Design skin to exhibit 'House mat' and 'Cake sofa' of 2012 type
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Craddle Korea to present 'Koala'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Orda Korea to introduce awareness development program 'The First Discovery Program'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Hanlym publication to show 'Creation paint book'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Rosetta stone to introduce varied foreign language solution including new product 'TOTALe'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Lukbooks to introduce sensibility education tool 'Gringgo200'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Gitan education to present the integration development paint book 'Nol Bae Book'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Adventure edu-prime to give a lecture 'To be the No.1 mother with premium piano education'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] JY-books to introduce the 'NO-BU-Young' that can study English as singing a song
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Hansol education to presents the 'Novel Hangul world'
[2011 EDUCARE 2011 fall] Wise mom to introduce 'English-egg' story-telling program
[EDUCARE 2011] Vakko to introduce variety board games 'Ravensburger'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Good board to show the 'Color board'
[EDUCARE 2011] Gioinfotech innovation to show safe kick board for children
[2011 EDUCARE] Language world to introduce the infant-kid English text book
[2011 EDUCARE] Mother-K to show 'Antibacterial zipper bag for baby goods'
[2011 EDUCARE] LG electronics to present humidifier 'Air washer'
[2011 EDUCARE] Kids ICON to introduce variety children books, 'PORORO' appeared
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Korea Gumboree to the present solid magnet block 'MAGFORMERS'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Nabita world to introduce the Character toy 'Scheich'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Arirang to introduce 'Logico English' that studies with native speaker's English
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Dolkong to introduce variety and functional layette
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Snaps to introduce 'Photo book' of high quality and reasonable price
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Isofa to show the 'Multi Vaulting ' for children
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Sanosan Korea to introduce 'Sanosan' and 'Dulgon'
[EDUCARE 2011 fall] Blue rabbit to introduce 'First brain development picture book' for infants
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