Honam IT Exhibition
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Latest News  
Possible to swipe a credit card for payment with an I-phone! Pay attention to 'Swipe It'
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011 Video] Dongha Tech to Present Low Speed Electric Vehicle Interlocking Control System
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011 Video] WITHSOLUTION to Present CCTV Recorder with Built-in LCD
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011 Video] Let's Go to the Only IT Exhibition in Honam Area!
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] ModeunSoft to Show 'RGVIEW' for Telemanagement for Maximum 144 PCs with Only One PC
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] WITHSOLUTION to Present 'VD-400,' a Car Security System Blackbox
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] Doul Infotech to Display 'iBulletin,' a Smart Electronic Bulletin Board Based on Android OS
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] I4WAY to Present 'Hawk System,' an Image Restoring Special Device by LYYN, a Swedish Company
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] RoitsNine to Show Functional Films with Diverse Designs for iPhone
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] Korea Association for Photovoltaic Industry Development to Introduce Diverse Products like LED and Optical Fiber
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] Robot & People to Present 'T-edu,' an Education Program Using Robots
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] True Digital Leader to Show Road Conditions Recognition System
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] Wisdom&VISION to Present Example Cases of Smartphone Application about Regional Culture Festivals
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] Comin Information System to Display 'SiiRU,' a USB Memory Operating Software
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] DAWON DNS to Display 'Power Manager,' an Intelligent Domestic Power Measuring Device
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] Gwangju Smart Mobile App Development Support Center to Present Smartphone Applications
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] SID to Display 'Plus S20,' a Smartphone/Tablet Stand & Charger
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] Coelsoft to Introduce On/Offline Total Education Management System
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] SMARTTECH to Present Wireless CID (Calling Identification Display)
[Honam IT Exhibition 2011] ENBsoft to Show 'Hotdogoo' for Storing PC Data to Smartphone
'Honam IT Exhibition 2011,' the Only IT Conference & Exhibition in Honam Area, Opened!

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