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Latest News  
[ROTREX 2011] Buyer Interview with Korawut, Vichai from Thai
[ROTREX 2011] Atto International to Show Optical Fiber Traffic Sign Using Solar & Wind Power
[ROTREX 2011] The Korea Transport Institute to Present 'Bike Rapid Transit'
[ROTREX 2011] Korea Institute of Construction Technology to Introduce Research Project on Road & Advanced Traffic
'ROTREX (International Road & Traffic Expo) 2011,' a Place to See Cutting-Edge Technologies & Products in Traffic, Closed in Success!
[ROTREX 2011] Lead Safety to Present Various Road Safety Products Integrating with Solar Photovoltaic Energy
[ROTREX 2011] Hyosung General to Display Diverse Products like Kerbs Adopting Optical Fiber LED
[ROTREX 2011] DKEE to Present Independent Technology for Total Parking Management
[ROTREX 2011] MEKAMORE to Introduce 'MEKASTONE,' a Block Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall System
[ROTREX 2011] Pyungsan SI to Present Construction Method Using Steel Plate Structure with Excellent Durability
[ROTREX 2011] Hangil Industry to Display Various Road Safety Products for Safe Driving
[ROTREX 2011] Kumdong Steel to Display Guardrail with Enhanced Strength & Cushion
[ROTREX 2011] Dae Dong Safety to Show New Concept Road Marking System
[ROTREX 2011] GT Construction to Present 'ST-Grooving' with Improved Grooving
[ROTREX 2011] KPG to Introduce 'T-PORT SYSTEM' for Repairing Microcrack
[ROTREX 2011] Gio-Lite to Display Microprism Reflective Films
[ROTREX 2011] Avery Dennison to Show 'T-9500,' a Prism Type Optical Ultrahigh Intensity Reflection Sheet
[ROTREX 2011] Buyer Interview with Christian from Peru
[ROTREX 2011] Korea CTS to Display 'Traffic Signal Pole' Adopting Wireless Improved Horizontal Bar
[ROTREX 2011] G&I to Show 'GIRS-1,' a Flush Cat's Eye Charging with Sunlight
[ROTREX 2011] SW Road Safety to Present 'Open Type Guardrail' with Soft Streamlined Form
[ROTREX 2011] DOHWA Engineering to Introduce 'Epoxy Asphalt Concrete'
[ROTREX 2011] Tomato Electronics to Display 'Total Parking Control System' Automatically Recognizing License Plate
[ROTREX 2011] ELP to Show 'Smart-RWIS,' a Weather Information Providing System
[ROTREX 2011] MORU Industrial Systems to Show 'ParkDisk,' a Parking Surface Detector
[ROTREX 2011] I AN C & S to Display LED Lamps for Giving Sense of Stability for Eyes of Drivers
[ROTREX 2011] Jaeil Road Safety to Display Separable Cat's Eye
[ROTREX 2011] Geum Young Construction to Introduce 'PROCON,' a Construction Method for Large-Scale Repair & Resurfacing on Concrete Pavement
[ROTREX 2011] Segitech to Show 'Elastic Bollard' Which Stands up Just like a Tumbler
[ROTREX 2011] Shindo Industry to Introduce 'Facility Blackbox' for Effective Road Management
[ROTREX 2011] KOTRASS to Show 'Crash-Buster' for Absorbing Damage by Using Drawing Stress
[ROTREX 2011] Korea Expressway Corporation to Introduce Major Projects on Road
[ROTREX 2011] SEGUN to Display 'Signal Robot' for Road Safety
[ROTREX 2011] IMI Tech to Show 'IMC-8117T/8118T,' a Camera for Recognizing License Plates
[ROTREX 2011] F.A. Tech to Display 'LED Illuminated Road Signs' Using Eco-Friendly Coating
[ROTREX 2011] Inpeg Vision to Show 'LPR System for Parking Management'
[ROTREX 2011] Parkor Korea Indus to Present 'VIP-T,' an Image Detecting Device for Traffic Control
[ROTREX 2011] Hanlim GST to Display 'ClingCling' for Storing Bikes Safely
[ROTREX 2011] Kolight&Cana to Present Various Safety Goods Applying Reflection Materials
[ROTREX 2011] Saehan Industry to Show Various Snow-Removing Devices like 'SH-S Series'
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