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Latest News  
[BISS 2011] 'Busan International Smart Shoe & Parts Fair (BISS) 2011,' a Place to Look Closely on Developed Footwear Industry of Korea, Closed in Success
[BISS 2011] ASSEMS to Unveil Eco-Friendly Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Nike Shoes
[BISS 2011] NEOTEC to Show 'Healthy Diabetes Shoes' for Diabetes
[BISS 2011] Dae Woong Ind to Present Ugg Boots for Both Moms & Kids
[BISS 2011] Haksan to Display 'Vitro V-WOX,' Customized Walking Shoes
[BISS 2011] Kantukan to Present Hiking Boots Perfectly Dealing with Sliding by Ridge Outsole
[BISS 2011] Kumho Petrochemical to Display 'KUMHO KBR,' a Rubber Used in Diverse Industrial Fields
[BISS 2011] Mani Leading Trading to Show Natural Leathers and Printing Fabrics from All over the World
[BISS 2011] IGD to Demonstrate 'Better Fit System,' a Customized Insole
[BISS 2011] dgen to Present 'Digital Printer' for Producing Diverse Designs
[BISS 2011] Dooroo Celltech to Display 'BARTAIN,' a Polyurethane Foam Sheets Series with Excellent Absorbency for Damage & Vibration
[BISS 2011] Wig Korea to Show 'Luvviole,' a Chameleon Film
[BISS 2011] nCROTEX to Show European Outdoor Shoes
[BISS 2011] Taejin Innotech to Present Diverse Printings
[BISS 2011] JUMPKOREA to Introduce 'Revope,' Reversed Tapered Functional Walking Shoes
[BISS 2011] EXR to Present 'EXR AWAKE,' Shoes Based on Barefoot Walking
[BISS 2011] A-RO to Display Ultralight Shoes with Cushion/Lightness Using EVA
[BISS 2011] Wellness Hills to Show 'iMOOV,' an Insole to Help Hematocele with Minute Vibration
[BISS 2011] Hanshin Korea to Present 'Eon Insole' for Boosting Hematocele with Minute Electric Currents
[BISS 2011] Woo Lee International to Present 'Airball Cushion Shoes' with Shock Absorption Structure in Hemispheric Form
[BISS 2011] GTM Korea to Display 'All Round Gel Press Shoes,' a Compressor in Gel Type
[BISS 2011] Windwire to Display 'Jog Dial,' a Fly System with Maximized Wearing Sensation
[BISS 2011] Eugene Medicare to Introduce 'Comfy Shoes,' Functional Health Shoes
[BISS 2011] GHi Well to Display '3D Body Balance,' a Total Solution for Health & Correcting Body Posture
[BISS 2011] Nanotech Ceramics to Show 'Stico,' an Anti-Slipping Boots
[BISS 2011] Jung Yeon to Introduce Eco-Friendly Fabrics Used in Diverse Fields
[BISS 2011] LBSGABER to Present 'Foot Scan System' for Correcting Body Figure
[BISS 2011] Big Tiger Trading to Introduce 'Automatic Knife Cutting System' of ATOM
[BISS 2011] Samduk to Show 'Stafild,' Walking Shoes for Keeping Balance of Body & Correcting Body Posture
[BISS 2011] Aaebon to Present 'Airarch' Protecting Feet from Damage
[BISS 2011] Les Ateliers de MATT to Display 'Kustom Shoes' with Unique Designs
[BISS 2011] EFU Sports to Show Diverse Character Shoes like Mickey Mouse & Pooh
[BISS 2011] Kwang Sung IND to Display 'SRD,' a Health Functional Shoes for Correcting Posture & Enhancing Health
[BISS 2011] Hwaseung to Unveil Ultralight Shoes for Women by Merrell, an Outdoor Brand
[BISS 2011] TrekSta to Show 'Quick Racing System Shoes' Applying NestFIT Technology
'Busan International Smart Shoe & Parts Fair (BISS) 2011,' a Global Festival for Footwear Industry, Kicked Off!
[BISS 2011 Preview] Dong Il Fibratec to Present 'Tetratex' with Waterproof & Excreting Sweat
[BISS 2011 Preview] Samduk to Display 'Stafild,' Functional Walking Shoes
[BISS 2011 Precview] Kwang Sung IND to Present 'SRD Functional Shoes' with Multifunctional Outsole
[BISS 2011 Preview] Hanshin Korea to Introduce Various Functional Insoles for Shoes
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