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Latest News  
'Renewable Energy Korea 2011' ended in great success as reforming to successful business exhibition
[REK 2011] Hex Power System to Display Photovoltaic Inverter Applicable for All Kinds of Solar Cells
[REK 2011] Celltech to Show High Efficiency Small Wind Turbine with Easy Maintenance
[REK 2011] Topsun to Present 400Wp Solar Cell Module for the First Time in Korea
[REK 2011] GETWATT to Display Diverse Solar Modules
[REK 2011] Sinsane to Introduce Semi-Permanent Single Vacuum Tube Solar Collector
[REK 2011] Wisco Hitec to Present 'Tracking Solar Streetlamp' Developed for the First Time in Korea
[REK 2011] DASSTech to Display 'Soleaf,' a Photovoltaic Inverter
[REK 2011] SunCarrier Korea to Introduce 'SunCarrier Tracker,' a Photovoltaic Tracking System Guaranteeing High Efficiency
[REK 2011] Iljin E-Plus to Show Heat Pump System with High Safety & Economic Feasibility
[REK 2011] Prime Solar to Display 'Double Vacuum Tube U-Type Verification Solar Collector'
[REK 2011] SeHan Energy to Introduce 'SeHan Solar Collector 1512' with High Durability
[REK 2011] Shinyang Energy to Present Absorber Plate for Solar Collector with Best Absorbency & Emissivity in Korea
[REK 2011] Gyeongsangnam-Do to Introduce Support Policy Targeting Regional Companies of Renewable Energy
[REK 2011] ClearEdgePower to Show 'CE5,' a Fuel Cell System
[REK 2011] Ace Power Tech to Present 'Wind Power Bus Terminal System' Using Renewable Energy
[REK 2011] G&C Technology to Introduce Flat Solar Energy Collector for Producing Diverse Special Structures
[REK 2011] Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction to Display 'WinDS3000,' a Wind Power Generation System with Optimized System
[REK 2011] Wind Turbine Power Station to Show 'Wind Turbine Power Generation System' for Generating Strong Power Only with a Small Amount of Wind
[REK 2011] SUNDA Korea to Display 'Seido1-16,' a Single Vacuum Tube Solar Collector
[REK 2011] Buyer Interview with Derevyagin Gleb from Russia
[REK 2011] Buyer Interview with Akhil Kashinath Working for Shinsung Solar Energy
[REK 2011] Fuel Cell Power to Show 'CellVille,' a Fuel Cell System for Producing High Quality Energy for 365 Days
[REK 2011] Mycom to Introduce 'Ecoplus Unimo,' a Heat Pump Type Instantaneous Boiler
[REK 2011] Trina Solar to Display 'TSM-PC14,' a New Polycrystalline Module
[REK 2011] KANGNAM to Show 'KNSW-300D,' a Solar Water Heater for Using 300 Liters of Hot Water Daily
[REK 2011] Cheong Ahm Solar to Display 'Flat Plate Solar Collector' Applying Ultrasonic Welding Technology
[REK 2011] GRANDSOLAR to Present Flat Plate Solar Collector with Enhanced Stability Collaborating with European Technology
[REK 2011] HIENERGY Korea to Show 'Vertical Wind Turbine' with High Efficiency
[REK 2011] Hyundai Motors to Show 'TUSCON ix FCEV,' the Second Generation Hydrogen Fueled Cell Vehicle
[REK 2011] OCI to Present Polysilicon with 11-Nine of Purity
[REK 2011] UNISON to Show 750KW Wind Turbine Model
[REK 2011] GS Caltex to Introduce Carbon Materials for EDLC
[REK 2011] Shinsung Solar Energy to Display High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cell
[REK 2011] POSCO Power to Show Stack Model & Cell of SOFC
[REK 2011] Dae Young Metal to Introduce 'Solar Cell Panel System' for Diverse Environments
[REK 2011] KD Power to Present 'GPS Robot Photovoltaic System' for Simultaneously Tracking Altitude & Azimuth in Real Time
[REK 2011] HANJIN to Display 'HJWT2000,′ a 2MW Horizontal Wind Generator
[REK 2011] CEEG Korea to Display 'CSUN 260-60M,' a High Efficiency 260W Single Crystal Solar Module
[REK 2011] Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering to Show Aerogenerator Model by 'DeWind'
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