KIPES 2011
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 KIPES(2)    Riso Korea (1)    BITEK TECHNOLOGY(1)    Inktec(1)    Canon Korea Business Solution(1)    d.gen(1)    dillli(1)    Dong Yang Ink(1)    Dreamjet Korea(1)    Fuji Xerox Korea(1)    GE S&F(1)    HanYang C&C(1)    HS Trading(1)    Hwasung Major(1)    Hwasung Total(1)    Keun-Seul Commercial Trading(1)    KIPES 2011(1)    KOPLAS(1)    Korea Uni Com(1)    Marcus System(1)    PM Trading(1)    Seil Photma(1)    TACHO PLUS(1)    Tachoplus(1)    Tsukatani KOREA(1)    UPITECH(1)    WE(1)    Wonchang(1)    YPL(1)  
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Latest News  
'The 21st Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show (KOPLAS 2011)' Ended with Success!
'The 18th Korea International Printing & Graphics Industry Show (KIPES 2011),' the Korea's Biggest Festive Place in Printing Industry, Closed in Success!
[KIPES 2011] dillli to Reveal 'NEO CERES,' a New UV Lithographic Printer
[KIPES 2011] RISO Korea to Display 'ComColor 9050,' the World's Fastest Full Color Printer Printing 1,000 Copies per 6 Minutes
[KIPES 2011] INKTEC to Introduce 'Jetrix 2030FRK,' a 2nd Generation UV Printer with 2.5 times Enhanced Productivity
[KIPES 2011] Keun-Seul Commercial Trading to Display 'LabelMeister EM-2501,' a Digital Label Printer That Can Print up to 50 Meters per Minute
[KIPES 2011] WE to Introduce 'YD-670D,' a Digital Cutter for Beginners to Do Various Cutting
[KIPES 2011] YPL to Present 'AeroCut,' a Multi Cutter for Cutting Business Cards to B3 Paper
[KIPES 2011] Dreamjet Korea to Display 'DREAMJET329miracle,' a Multipurpose Planographic Printer
[KIPES 2011] PM Trading to Show 'Hardcover CASEMAKING,' a Post-Processing Machine for Making Photobook
[KIPES 2011] UPITech to Display 'scanHAWKⅡplus®,' a Laser for Paper Processing in Diverse Designs
[KIPES 2011] GE S&F to Show CTP Printing Device by HUARUIJINGYI, Chinese Company
[KIPES 2011] Marcus System to Unveil 'JV-34-260,' a Large Inkjet Printer That Can Print in High Quality up to 2.6m in Width
[KIPES 2011] Seil Photma to Show 'Gigue 1160,' a CTP Printing Solution
[KIPES 2011] d.gen to Display 20'' Small Desktop Printer & Cutting Device
[KIPES 2011] Hanyang C&C to Show 'Freejet 500TX,' a Lithographic Printer
[KIPES 2011] Hwasung Total to Display 'IPAGSA CTP•CTcP Plate'
[KIPES 2011] TACHOPLUS to Show 'TC-5500PUR,' a PUR Binder Usable for All Kinds of Paper
[KIPES 2011] Tsukatani Korea to Display Various Elaborate & Stable Severable Pinnacle Molds
[KIPES 2011] Korea Uni Com to Introduce Paper/Film Bending Machine Rotating 28 Times per Minute
[KIPES 2011] Dong Yang Ink to Show Next Generation CTP System in New Concept
[KIPES 2011] Hwasung Major to Present 'Trelleborg Vulcan Printing Blankets'
[KIPES 2011] Wonchang to Unveil 'HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press' for Mass Production
[KIPES 2011] Fuji Xerox Korea to Introduce 'Color 1000 Press,' a High-End Digital Printing Device for Full Color Printing of 100 Copies per Minute
[KIPES 2011] Canon Korea Business Solution to Unveil 'Dream Labo 5000,' a Digital Printing Device for Photos
[KIPES 2011] 'The 18th Korea International Printing & Graphics Industry Show (KIPES 2011)' with More Abundant Contents with 'Korea Industry Fair' Kicked Off!
[KIPES 2011 Video] KIPES 2011 Co-held with 'Korea Industry Fair' to Grand Open at Newly-expanded KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall
[KIPES 2011 Preview] HS Trading to Reveal its Brand New Products 'JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic' and 'GLoptic mini-spectrometer'
[KIPES 2011 Preview] TACHO-P to Unveil 'TC-6100,' Automation Cover Feeder Perfect Binder
[KIPES 2011 Preview] BITEK Technology to Present its Digital Label Press and RFID Printers

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