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Latest News  
[L&D Korea 2011] Korea Agriculture System & Technology (KAST) to Show Plant Cultivating System by Using LED Lamp
[L&D Korea 2011] Korea LED Association (KLEDA) to Introduce its Business Areas for LED Industry Development
[L&D Korea 2011] Woori Opticom to Display 'CS-2000A,' Spectral Emittance Brightness Photometer with Ultra Low-brightness
[L&D Korea 2011] S-Package Solution to Develop 'AlBeat Power LED' Improved Thermal Nature
[L&D Korea 2011] Micro High Tech to Introduce Various LED Illuminations
[L&D Korea 2011] NRC to Present Various Sizes of High-intensity LCD
[L&D Korea 2011] Kyungsin Industrial to Showcase LED Lamp with Low Power & High Efficiency
[L&D Korea 2011] HungSeo Industry to Introduce LED for Interior Decoration
[L&D Korea 2011] 'UP Series,' SMPS Power Supply Unit by Union Elecom
[L&D Korea 2011 Video] Fuji Litech to Show the Tubular LED Lamp
[L&D Korea 2011] Wise Power 'LED Fish Luring Lamp' Reducing Max 70% of Fuel Cost
[L&D Korea 2011] TNC First to Present 'FGL-60,' Durable High Efficiency LED Fishing Lamp
[L&D Korea 2011] Teklux to Introduce Ballast Stabilizer for LED Fixtures
[L&D Korea 2011] 'KLW-80,' LED Working Light Eliminated Wireless Noise of Ship by KumYoung
[L&D Korea 2011] T Solution to Unveil its Various Outdoor LED Illuminations
[L&D Korea 2011] Bucheon LED Lighting RIS to Present 'Solar PV Electronic LED Attachable Bollard'
[L&D Korea 2011 Video] Apex Intec to Display a Variety of LED Products
[L&D Korea 2011 Video] BMS Tech to Introduce CNT & Graphene Materials
[L&D Korea 2011 Video] Miguel Alvarez from MAGG "Looking for New Technologies & Korean Suppliers"
[L&D Korea 2011] Yuyang DNU to Showcase Solar/Wind Power Hybrid LED Streetlight
[L&D Korea 2011] Techen to Display LED Lamps Developed by its Own Original Technology
[L&D Korea 2011] LEO Tech to Unveil Security Light Combined with Camera
[L&D Korea 2011] Sleetech to Present Super Compact SMD FUSE for LED
[L&D Korea 2011] What a Bright LED Lights Displayed by DK Solution
[L&D Korea 2011] GE Lighting to Introduce LED Light Fixtures with High Technology and Design
[L&D Korea 2011] KDG Electronics to Display a Variety of LED Products
[L&D Korea 2011] J&C TECH to Present Lighting for Plant Factory
[L&D Korea 2011] BMS Tech to Show Various Graphene/Carbon Nano Tube Application Products
[L&D Korea 2011] Heesung Electronics to Introduce Eco-friendly 'LED Panel'
[L&D Korea 2011 Video] 'Int'l LED & Display Korea 2011' to Kick off Today
[L&D Korea 2011] 'Int'l LED&Display Korea 2011,' Korea's Leading LED&Display Trade Show, to Open at New EXCO, Daegu, Korea
[L&D Korea 2011 Preview] J&C Technology to Present LED Lighting & Solar Cell
[L&D Korea 2011 Preview] N-Tech LED to Show Commercial Custom LED Module and Car & Motorcycle Light
[L&D Korea 2011 Preview] Kyung Sin to Show LED SHOW-CASE Lighting Display
[L&D Korea 2011 Preview] Apex Intec to Introduce LED Street Lighting & Security Lighting
[L&D Korea 2011 Preview] B&B OPTO to Present 'LED Illuminator 250' for Substituting Xenon Lamp
'International LED & Display KOREA 2011' to Accelerate Strengthening its Specialty, through Cooperation with Overseas Market
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