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Latest News  
[KOPLAS 2011] Movacolor to Show Diverse Machineries like 'MCBalance,' a Highly Accurate & Compact Gravimetric Dosing Unit
[KOPLAS 2011] YESLASER to Show 'YL 150,' a Laser Welder for Repairing Mold
[KOPLAS 2011] Dongwon Corporation to Introduce Extruders & Materials of Top Overseas Companies
[KOPLAS 2011] BYK & ECKART to Introduce Additive Agent & Metal Pigment, Pellet for Plastic
[KOPLAS 2011] SAMBO to Present Diverse Metering Systems of Kubota
[KOPLAS 2011] Doje to Display 'Single Layer Film Blowing Lines' for Producing Film up to 300mm
[KOPLAS 2011] Doill Color-Chem to Show 'WPC Compound,' a Synthetic Wood in Pellet Type Produced by Special Roll Mixing Milling Method
[KOPLAS 2011] Korean Bioplastics Association to Introduce Application Technology for Bioplastic Industry
[KOPLAS 2011] MIRAE RPM to Show Various Experimental Devices for R&D of New Products
[KOPLAS 2011] Hyundai Boteco to Display 'HB-ALLOY,' a Bimetal Cylinder Integrating Gas & Plastic Resin
[KOPLAS 2011] Heung Hwa Machinery to Introduce Whole Production Line from Injection Molding Materials to Finished Goods
[KOPLAS 2011] Hanyoung Nux to Display Diverse Meter Solutions of Automation Control System
[KOPLAS 2011] Masang Machinery to Show Injection Molding & Mold Temperature Control Solution
[KOPLAS 2011] MICO myoung jin to Present Mold Exchange System Which's Stable & Accurate
[KOPLAS 2011] INNO TRADING to Display Various Products for Plastic Process Automation
[KOPLAS 2011] Sumitomo Plastics-Machinery to Show 'ZERO-molding' with Minimized Damage/Defect in Shaping Process
[KOPLAS 2011] CORNPLATECH to Display 'Green Friendly Products' Mixed with Biomass & Eco-Friendly Materials
[KOPLAS 2011] Au to Introduce Bio Materials - Bioorganic Sources for Substituting Plastics
[KOPLAS 2011] HNP INTERPLA to Display Plastic Automation Systems of Global Top Companies
[KOPLAS 2011] SK Chemicals to Show 'ECOZEN,' a Bio Based BPA Free Transparent Plastic with Great Chemical Resistance & High Gloss
[KOPLAS 2011] 3M Korea to Display '3M Glass Bubbles,' a High-Strength Filler for Resin Systems
[KOPLAS 2011] Chempia to Present Diverse Materials Including 'X-GUARD Flame Retardant,' an Eco-Friendly Flame Retardant
[KOPLAS 2011] WITHLAB to Display Diverse Testing Devices like 'Ionised Air Rinsing System'
[KOPLAS 2011] Sepoong Polymer to Display Various Industrial Complex Materials and Precision Processing Facility
'Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show (KOPLAS) 2011,' a Place to See All the Superior Devices Related to Plastics & Rubbers from Home & Abroad, Opened!
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] Sumitomo to Introduce 'SE50DUZ,' Fast Cycle Molding System of High-precision Connector
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] VFK to Show 'Thermo Forming Machine' for Producing Plastics in Desired Shape
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] SGO to Show 'Develon,' Dispersal Oilless Bearing
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] BYK to Introduce 'BYK Series' Improving a Property of Matter and Productivity of Paint and Plastic
Start Smart World with Plastics! 'Korea International Plastics & Rubber Show (KOPLAS) 2011' to Open on September 28
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] Korea Digital to Show Advanced Hot Runner System
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] New Century Trading to Showcase 'MI-4,' 4 Times More Accurate Automatic Melt Indexer
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] Applied Plasma Inc. to Introduce 'Super Series' in 'KOPLAS 2011'
[KOPLAS 2011 Preview] Costar, Pioneer in Stress Measurement System, to Present Strain Viewer & Polarimeter in 'KOPLAS 2011'

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