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Latest News  
[KOSIGN 2011] C-one Corporation to show CNC router 'C4 Clean-Cut' with automatic self-diagnosis
[KOSIGN 2011] Gravograph to present industrial plaque engraving machine 'IS8000 series'
[KOSIGN 2011] SungdoSoluwin to present 'Re-board' material for display
[KOSIGN 2011] Displaymax to show portable LED illuminated display counter 'Flipcounter'
[KOSIGN 2011] BITEK C&G to exhibit 'iPF9000S' for both of printing and high quality
[KOSIGN 2011 Interview] Meet the chairman of a leading digital solution printing company 'DGI'
[KOSIGN 2011] Keundo Technology to present large textile printer 'SUPRAQ 3200-TX24'
[KOSIGN 2011] STAR FLEX to exhibit 'STAR-FLEX' for advertisement
[KOSIGN 2011] Sign & Clock to show 'Radiousa CVD diamond endmill 700' for helping acryl mirror-like finishing
[KOSIGN 2011] Q-Boak products to show LCD all-in-one media player
[KOSIGN 2011] Anysell to introduce varied function color Multi-function Printer 'OKI MC561dn'
[KOSIGN 2011] ISIS to introduce 24mm slim 'LED light Panel'
[KOSIGN 2011 Interview] Meet 'Be Majestic' D.gen's president Kil-hun Lee
[KOSIGN 2011] IWOODLAND to show Eco 'Wood sign' of varied designs
[KOSIGN 2011] Formantech to '932NDS' Kornit printer for textile
[KOSIGN 2011] SignTech to exhibit 'Panel light' advertising illumination including digital media player 'RT-5'
[VIDEO] Interview with Cecilia Shan, assistant project manager of advertising division in CEIEC at KOSIGN 2011
The 19th Korea International Sign & Design Show ended in great success
[KOSIGN 2011] Panac Korea to show 'Gelpoly' adhesive film with just Water
[KOSIGN 2011] Inkchem tech to exhibit UV printer 'JETRIX 2513FRQ' with powerful durability
[KOSIGN 2011] JaeHyun Tech, UV curing printer 'PP2512 UV' for meeting customer's demands
[KOSIGN 2011] 3D works, 'Sharp picture, Wide viewing angle' with Non-glasses
[KOSIGN 2011] NEOMTECH, Laser cutting machine 'NW-180C'
[KOSIGN 2011] Korea HP, 'Cytax LX850' printer with eco-friendly HP latax ink
[KOSIGN 2011] SungwooTSD to present Smart channel bending machine 'SCB420F'
[KOSIGN 2011] Mireco draws attention 'Vivid 3D optical illusion' 3D printing sheets
[KOSIGN 2011] Dilli to exhibit outputs of various materials by UV printer
[KOSIGN 2011] FM solution, CNC router with German Becker vaccum pump 'FMS1325C'
[KOSIGN 2011] Union Elecom to present SMPS for LED illumination
[KOSIGN 2011] DGI, draws attention with environment friendly digital printer 'Fabrijet(FT-1806)'
[KOSIGN 2011] Anylux to introduce 'LED module' with practicality and high efficiency
[KOSIGN 2011] T.P.M to show 'Honeycomb LED module'
[KOSIGN 2011 ] NDS Solution to present network transmit management system 'Q-sign'
[KOSIGN 2011] D.gen to exhibit double width digital printer 'D.gen 3333TX'
[KOSIGN 2011] Howon CNC to exhibit CNC router 'TR408' without noise
[KOSIGN 2011] Sinwoo NC tech to present 'FosignCnc' for sign industry.
[KOSIGN 2011] Alphachem to show 'Ink-mate' product family for ink jet printer
[KOSIGN 2011] Durafos to exhibit High quality inks and LED light boxes
[KOSIGN 2011] Chang-Gyeong SM to introduce cutting machine of media material 'Speed Cut 2100'
[KOSIGN 2011] Hanter technology to release 4*8 router 'HRM48e'
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