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Latest News  
[KORTEX 2011] Kotech trading company to exhibit variety components of textile machinery
[KORTEX 2011] Taesin to introduce 'TST-FY804/B2'
[KORTEX 2011] Sunstar to introduce 'Auto Head Selection' available to control each head
[KORTEX 2011] IDH to show the automatic printing machine 'DHP-9900S'
[KORTEX 2011] Keumyoung machine to introduce high speed circular knitting machine 'KM-3 2WVX4'
[KORTEX 2011] Held master to show 'master heald' manufactured by wet corrosion special grinding.
[KORTEX 2011] Dongsung precision to show the glove knitting machine
[KORTEX 2011] NEGENTEC to introduce the 'Hiper Heald'
Closing 'The 18th Korea international textile machine expo'
[KORTEX 2011] Promecs to present the 'Measurement controller solution of module type'
[Kortex 2011] Choheung mechatronics to show eco-friendly washing machine 'Bio circle'
[KORTEX 2011] Dongwonroll to exhibit 'TEXTILE CALENDERS' having durability and accuracy
[KORTEX 2011] Daelim Starlet to show Dye storage and Weighing System
[KORTEX 2011] Saewon STM to present the Auto heald cleaner
[KORTEX 2011] ANCI, High conductivity metal coating fiber 'NICF'
[KORTEX 2011] Nawon machine to exhibit 'SEAMSEALING MACHINE' for outdoor
[KORTEX 2011] SUZHOU HUAYI MACHINE to introduce Water Jet Room machine 'HY728C'
[KORTEX 2011] Samdo Trading to exhibit various 'SMITTEXTILE'
[KORTEX 2011] Semyeong precision to exhibit 'AUTO SPREADER MACHINE'
[Kortex 2011] OGD Korea to introduce the 'Straight tube dispending system'
[KORTEX 2011] Maestech to color standardization Spectrophotometer 'DATACOLOR 600®'
[Kortex 2011] Hyung Jae Precision Machinery to exhibit TRICOT BEAM
[KORTEX 2011] Chang Lim Precision to introduce ACE Heald
[KORTEX 2011 ] Daehung-dolphin to exhibit 'Series of DNS'
[KORTEX 2011] Ewaglotec, Tender_ 'TEXTINNO' to cut cost of production
Opening, 'the 18th Korea International Textile Machinery Exhibition' to the only domestic textile machinery exhibition, on the third year!
[KORTEX 2011 Preview] KJ&T Engineering to Display TRICOT, DOUBLE RASCHEL & Machinery
[KORTEX 2011 Preview] HANNAM FAS to Present Various Textile Cutting Machines
[KORTEX 2011 Interview] KOREA T.S.M "Promise you do our best to supply a high quality of sizing machines!"
[KORTEX 2011 Interview] Hankook Tech, "Expand markets of Carbon Fiber and take-up winder related to Aramid"
[KORTEX 2011 Preview] TnS to Display 'TRS,' Tns Raschel Servo System & 'EBA,' Mechanical Yarn Let-off Unit
[KORTEX 2011 Preview] Ceratrak to Introduce Various Nozzles
[KORTEX 2011 Preview] SAMSUNGnECO to Present Various Textile Cutting Machines
'KORTEX 2011,' Korea's Exclusive Textile Machinery Trade Fair, Finally to Boast After a Three-year Hiatus!
AVING News to be an Official Global Media Partner of 'Korea International Textile Machinery Exhibition (KORTEX),' the Only Exhibition of Textile Machineries in Korea

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