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Latest News  
[IT EXPO 2011] Dong Bang to Introduce 'Magazine Rack' for Keeping PCB
[IT EXPO 2011] exax to Showcase Chemical Products for Manufacturing Display
[IT EXPO 2011] WON IL to Unveil Various Industrial Components such as 'Wave Washer'
[IT EXPO 2011] 'Neji Tarou,' Passive Screw Feeder by Shinwoo Tech
[IT EXPO 2011] KH VATEC to Display New Technology on Component & Material and LED Lightings
[IT EXPO 2011 Video] YJ Link to Show Laser Marking Machine
[IT EXPO 2011 Video] The Future of IT Industry & Companies to Meet
[IT EXPO 2011] Triple Bay to Show 'All That Party,' a Smartphone Application for Enjoying Partying Culture
[IT EXPO 2011] Micro High Tech to Present an LED Lamp Integrated with Stabilizer
[IT EXPO 2011] GT Telecom to Present Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit 'GBC-1000'
[IT EXPO 2011] OH SUNG System to Exhibit Auto Packing System Equipments
[IT EXPO 2011] GKR to Introduce 'Cluster' & 'Smart Eco Gauge'
[IT EXPO 2011] Invenix to Show Electrostatic Monitoring System Controllable Static from Product
[IT EXPO 2011] Marktec Korea to Present 'MC-2000,' an Industrial Marker
[IT EXPO 2011] 3H VISION to Display 'V7000,' a Car Rearview Camera
[IT EXPO 2011] QRT Semiconductor to Demonstrate Reliability Test Technology on Semiconductor and Electronic Components
[IT EXPO 2011] AMECH to Show 'EMD-Series,' an Electromagnetism Grinder for Equal Grinding
[IT EXPO 2011] 'i-Safer' & 'Black Magic,' Personal Information Protection Solution Developed by SMS
[IT EXPO 2011] Seyoung Information & Telecommunication to Introduce 'WiWi,' a Digital Wireless Audio Solution
[IT EXPO 2011] UNI to Show 'UIBS-400,' Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
[IT EXPO 2011] AMSTEK to Show 'Agilent Infiniium 900 Series,' an Oscilloscope
[IT EXPO 2011] Sung Hyun C&T to Present 'S Bike,' an Electric Tricycle
[IT EXPO 2011] SNJ to Showcase 'OVEN,' Hot Air Circular Drying Machine
[IT EXPO 2011] 'KUMO-SMART,' Integrated Mobile Devices Docking Station Introduced by SUN JIN F.S
[IT EXPO 2011] Z-TEC to Display 'Bending Tester,' a Flat-Panel Display Manufacturing & Testing Equipment
[IT EXPO 2011] Linetech to Unveil Various LED Microscopes from LEICA
[IT EXPO 2011 Visual Talk] Samsung Electronics Booth Sketch
[IT EXPO 2011] NDK to Introduce 'B-BEST,' a Storage Battery Diagnostic Technique to Improve Credibility in Installations
[IT EXPO 2011] MIT to Display Various ENERPAC Equipments Used for Oil Pressure
[IT EXPO 2011] JIJUSOFT to Display 'Algorithm' for Improving Creative Problem Solving Skill via E-Learning
[IT EXPO 2011] SAVEWAY Korea to Introduce 'Manufacture Pump' with Excellent Heatproof, Corrosion Resistance & Endurance
[IT EXPO 2011 Video] Triple Bay to Introduce Casual Game 'Poing'
[IT EXPO 2011] KT to Show 'Kibot,' a Robot for Kids Education
[IT EXPO 2011 Interview] Vicente from Parsec, Spain & Garcia from EIIT, Portugal "Looking for Korean Distributors"
[IT EXPO 2011 Interview] Denish Parekh from JYOTYLOGISTICS, "Want to promote business between India and Korea"
[IT EXPO 2011] KIMSTECH to Display 'VMS-2515,' a Three-Dimensional Noncontact Measuring Device
[IT EXPO 2011] Shin Sung Spinning & Laser to Present Diverse Processed Goods Using CNC Spinning Machine
[IT EXPO 2011] Oh Sung Engineering to Display Diverse Self-Made Goods for Enhancing Working Environment in Manufacturing Facilities
[IT EXPO 2011] Dong-il SHIMADZU to Showcase its UV VIS Spectrometer 'UV-1800'
[IT EXPO 2011] L&B Tech to Present 'FARO Gage Plus,' a Portable Coordinate Measurement Machine
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