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'Preview in Seoul 2011,' a Place for Global Trend, to Close in Success!
[PIS 2011 Video] Interview with an Overseas Buyer
[PIS 2011] Youngwoo CNI to Introduce Diverse Programs like 'TexPro'
[PIS 2011] GHI to Display 'Memory-eco,' a Memory Fabric Made of Extracts of Corn for Trench Coat
[PIS 2011] Dong-A Textile to Introduce Cotton Fabrics with Diverse Colors & Patterns
[PIS 2011] Shinpung Textile to Display 'CORNIAN,' a Degradable Eco-Friendly Fabric Made of Corn
[PIS 2011] Lohas Hanji to Introduce 'Hanji Fabric,' a Global Eco-Friendly Fabric
[PIS 2011] G.B. Textile to Present Functional Fabrics for Active Sports
[PIS 2011] Ilsong Tex to Display Nylon/Poly DTY Mesh
[PIS 2011] Hyup Sung Textile to Show Office Look Targeting Women
[PIS 2011] Senoco to Display Eco-Friendly Natural Dyeing Fabrics
[PIS 2011] R&D Textile to Introduce Triacetate, a Substitute for Silk Fabrics
[PIS 2011] Sealon to Display Subsidiary Materials for Clothing like Adhesive Film
[PIS 2011] Han Textile to Introduce Functional Polyester Fit for Producing Uniforms
[PIS 2011] N.D.I. to Present Diverse Functional Fabrics
[PIS 2011] Jungone Trading to Show Well Ventilated Burnout Fabrics
[PIS 2011] Monotex-Shin Heung to Display Shape Memory for Fabrics of Outerwear
[PIS 2011] Modern Hightech to Introduce 'SmartDesigner,' Software for Swift & Easy Fashion Design
[PIS 2011] Shin Han to Display Diverse Fabrics like Cotton, Linen & Ramie
[PIS 2011] KPMTECH to Present 'EVER-EX,' an Antiviral Antibacterial Fabric
[PIS 2011] Shinwon Textile to Introduce Tricot Knit-Polyester & Nylon
[PIS 2011] Dae Chang Trading to Present Diverse Fabrics like Cotton & Knit
[PIS 2011] N. Lucks to Display Embroidery/Lace & Knits
[PIS 2011] TRF to Show Wool Angola Fabrics with Animal Skin Design
[PIS 2011] PAYEN, a French Company, to Display Various Fabrics
[PIS 2011] PATEX to Display 'Space Dyeing' with Different Colors Applicable
[PIS 2011] ASEAN-KOREA Centre to Promote Diverse Fabrics Made by 14 Companies of ASEAN
[PIS 2011] J.K TEX to Present 'TENCEL,' an Eco-Friendly Fabric
[PIS 2011 Video] Topman Exports to Display Beautiful Hand-Embroidered Beads
[PIS 2011 Video] Samil Spinning to Show Different Kinds of Modal like 'ProModal'
[PIS 2011 Video] Lenzing to Introduce TENCEL, an Eco-Friendly Fabric
[PIS 2011] Chung Woon to Show Various Fabrics Fit for Men's Clothes
[PIS 2011] ILJOONG INTERTEX to Display Various Fabrics like Silky Blouse
[PIS 2011] WIG KOREA to Introduce 'Luvviole,' a Chameleon-like Fabric Looking Different by Angles
[PIS 2011] CF to Show Diverse Union Clothes like Polyester Woven Fabrics
[PIS 2011] Shinhan Spinning to Display Hemp & Semi-Worsted Yarn
[PIS 2011] BC Corporation to Display Silk Fabrics Made of 100% Natural High-Class Silk
[PIS 2011] Dae Jin to Display Fabrics Using Digital Textile Printing & Silk Union Cloth
[PIS 2011 Video] 'Trade Show' for Showing Superiority of Fabrics Produced by Exhibitors
[PIS 2011 Video] SWAK to Present 'Cotton,' Eco-Friendly Fabric for Saving Environment
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