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Latest News  
[BITFAS 2011] Jaewon Corporation to Show 'DreamFel' for Instantly Evaporating Water
[BITFAS 2011] SOMETECH to Display 'i Megascope,' a Portable Industrial Video Microscope
[BITFAS 2011] Korea Jacquard Textile Institute to Show Jacquard Textiles by Its Contractors
[BITFAS 2011] SEJIN to Introduce Interior Materials for Vessels
[BITFAS 2011] KMF to Display Fabrics like 'Tricot Suede'
[BITFAS 2011] Bumyang Industry to Show 'Ocean Beauty Shower Towel' to Discharge Wastes without Irritating Skins
[BITFAS 2011] Dongbang Chemical to Present Synthetic Leathers with Diverse Colors & Patterns
[BITFAS 2011] DSR to Display 'Super Max Rope' with Light Weight & Excellent Strength
[BITFAS 2011] Department of Textile Industry of Dong-A University to Introduce the Latest Trend of Textile Industry
[BITFAS 2011] 'RIS Corporation of Pusan National University' to Promote Convergence & Integration of Transport
[BITFAS 2011] Wooshin Machinery to Display 'ADF-05,' an Automatic Duck Down Injection Machine for Cloth
[BITFAS 2011] Ceraron Health Tech to Present 'Tourmaline Bedding Sheet' for Enhancing Health
[BITFAS 2011] TESTFABRICS to Display Diverse Experimental Consumables like Viscos
[BITFAS 2011] Hyuksung Industry to Present State-of-the-art Materials like 'Glass Fiber Felt'
[BITFAS 2011] ZKInternational to Introduce Zipper Technology with Patent of Invention from Korea
[BITFAS 2011] Seung Min to Show Various Automation Machineries for Clothing
[BITFAS 2011] Huvis to Present 'ZEROXY,' Incombustible Polyester
[BITFAS 2011] 'Seacube,' an Outdoor Brand by M.VES of Pukyong National University
[BITFAS 2011] 'Busan Fashion Center' Presented by Busan Fashion Color Industry Cooperative
[BITFAS 2011] Oneseen Skytech to Show 'Shark 120,' an Unmanned Helicopter for Spraying Pesticide
[BITFAS 2011] DMC to Attract Visitors with Fabrics Representing Daegu!
[BITFAS 2011] Sang-A Flontec to Display 'FPD Cassette' with Superior Property
[BITFAS 2011] Hyundai Fiber to Display 'prepreg' Using Composite Materials
[BITFAS 2011] KOLPING to Attract Visitors with Diverse Goods for Hiking & Camping
[BITFAS 2011] Young Poong Industry to Display Diverse Fabrics
[BITFAS 2011] BITA to Show Various Samples of Industrial Textile Goods
[BITFAS 2011] Myung Sung Trading Laser to Show 'Laser Cutting Machine' Showing Precise Cutting & Fast Speed
[BITFAS 2011] ARMOP to Display Various Body Armors & Bulletproof Products
[BITFAS 2011] Youth Hitech to Introduce 'CLO 3D' for Clothing 3D Avatar!
[BITFAS 2011] RIMS to Display Different Leisure Boat Models for Marine Leisure
[BITFAS 2011] DID to Display Diverse Wallpapers for Making Continuous Pattern
[BITFAS 2011] KITECH to Introduce All about Smart Clothing Technology
[BITFAS 2011] Dong Yang Rope to Display 'Miracle' with 15 times of Tensile Strength than Steel Wire
[BITFAS 2011] KJ&T Engineering to Present Double Raschal Technology with Increased Production & Reduced Noise
'BITFAS (Busan International Textile & Fashion Show) 2011,' a Place to Show High-End Textile & Fashion Industry, Opened!
[BITFAS 2011 Preview] Silla University Digital Fashion Center to Introduce Diverse Business Prototypes
[BITFAS 2011 Preview] Han Fashion RIS Consortium to Show Various Fashion Accessories
[BITFAS 2011 Preview] Samsung Neco to Show its Various Latest Textile Machines
[BITFAS 2011 Preview] KIM'S SILK to Exhibit Various Silk Industrial Materials Including Shoes & Bag
[BITFAS 2011 Preview] Korea Institute of Industrial Technology to Present 'PROTECH' & 'MOBILTECH'
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