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Latest News  
[SENDEX 2011] 'Dialogue in the Dark,' an Event to Experience a Visual Impairment& to Show Performance by NVISIONS
[SENDEX 2011] Semsol 'Sori in the World,' Language Learning Program through Indirect Experiences
[SENDEX 2011] Care Life Korea to Present 'Page Turner Readable 2' For Physically Challenged People
[SENDEX 2011] 'BALANCE ARM' Delivering Any Loads, Developed by SamGong International
[SENDEX 2011] Oticon Korea to Display 'Amigo T10,' Personal Wireless Amplifier with Light Weight & Various Colors
[SENDEX 2011] Gwangzin 'NAZOA' to Perform Acupressure and Massage Rotating 360°
[SENDEX 2011] Hara Tech to Introduce 'Hara Chair,' Functional Chair with Detachable Seat Considering Body Type of the Contemporaries
[SENDEX 2011] Caremax Korea to Showcase Various Products Celebrating the Launching of its Silver Products Shop
[SENDEX 2011] Ajoo Medics 'Dr.Lax' to Help Spine Rehabilitation with Fine Tow and 8 Curves Movement
[SENDEX 2011] PHARMICARE to Show 'afex,' Wearable and Convenient Urinary Incontinence Management System for Men
[SENDEX 2011] 'KTS,' an Eco-friendly Electric Cart Applied Road Cell Technology
[SENDEX 2011] MYUNGJIN 'Rolly,' a Brand for Walking Frame for the Aged
[SENDEX 2011] TaeSan Solutions to Display 'TS-Shaper System' for Making Customized Rehabilitation Assistive Instrument
[SENDEX 2011] Web Vista to Present Total Solution from Homepage Creation to Marketing
[SENDEX] Honest Vision to Introduce 'SoriAn' Improving Access to Publications by a Person Who Is Visually Impaired
[SENDEX 2011] ESTYLE to Show 'Color Styler' Dyeing Hairs with Brush
[SENDEX 2011] Dr-Lee 'Waist & Dr. Lee' to Cure and Massage Waist
[SENDEX 2011] '01M Medicare,' Management System Specialized on Silver Care by 01M
[SENDEX 2011] Shuziqi Korea 'Health Jewelry' Tuning Body Rhythms Using Nano Vibrational Technology
[SENDEX 2011 Video] Caremax Korea to Present 'OnMom,' a Brand Specialized on Sliver Products
[SENDEX 2011 Video] "It's the Best and Must-to-go Exhibition in Korea"
[SENDEX 2011] 100 AGE to Introduce Shop Rider Electric Scooter with Top 1 Market Share
[SENDEX 2011] Wordin to Show Functional & Beautiful Hip Bath
[SENDEX 2011] Easy Move to Launch 'KE-Chair,' an Assistive Device for the Vulnerable People to Escape
[SENDEX 2011] Cozy Life to Unveil 'Quick Glance3,' a Mouse Operated by Eye Movement
[SENDEX 2011] 'HA-200,' a Bluetooth Hearing Aid Headset Adjustable for Various Situations Presented by Bio Sound Lab
[SENDEX 2011] Well C Korea & Maki Life Tech to Exhibit Bath Seats to Support Body with Back of a Chair
[SENDEX 2011] Open Telecom 'Freelz 318' to Operate Wheelchair Wirelessly Using an EMG Technology
[SENDEX 2011] Happy Bed to Display Medical Electric Adjustable Bed for Patients & the Elderly who are Lying in Bed for a Long Time
[SENDEX 2011] Hong Kong Primatronix to Introduce Various Easy-to-use Telephones & Cell Phones for Senior
[SENDEX 2011] Japan's 'NAKAI Support Balance Band for Hip Joints' Helping Correcting Body and Posture
[SENDEX 2011] Shanghai KD Health Care to Succeed to Develop Portable & Light Electric Wheelchair
[SENDEX 2011] Japan's NPO W.I.N.G. to Introduce its Int'l Training Program for Social Welfare in East Asia
[SENDEX 2011 Video] Height Adjustable Sink & Basin Displayed by UP&DOWN SYSTEM
[SENDEX 2011 Video] The Seoul Assistive Technology Service Center Helping Improving Quality of the Disabled's Life
[SENDEX 2011 Video] Visitor's Favorable Responses on SENDEX 2011!!
[SENDEX 2011 Video] Let's Jump into the Korea's Largest Total Welfare Industry Show
[SENDEX 2011] Sunrise Medical to Display 'XENON,' One of the World's Lightest Folding Wheelchairs
[SENDEX 2011] Korea Land & Housing Corporation to Suggest New Housing Paradigm for Baby-boom Generation
[SENDEX 2011] HIMS to Show 'Hansone LX,' Laptop for a Person who is Visually Impaired
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