KOBA 2011
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Latest News  
[KOBA 2011] Karak Electronics to Show 'DC8000' & 'DC4000′, Digital Sound Controller with Next-Generation Audio Processing Function
[KOBA 2011] Booth of DTS Korea
[KOBA 2011] Digital Hongil to Introduce 'LS-70(2A)', Tripod for Large & Medium sized Camcorder
[KOBA 2011] Hansam System to Present 'MA2 LIGHT', Lighting Controller
[KOBA 2011] Blackmagicdesign to Show 'DaVinci Resolve', Digital Color Correction System
[KOBA 2011] Hive System to Present 'Contra LED Series', Large-sized Video Displaying Device
[KOBA 2011] Brexel to Introduce 'CGStation-HD', HD Character Generator Supporting Full HD Input / Output
[KOBA 2011] 'Dynamic Smart Archiving, Total Streaming Solution for Web & Mobile by Dynamic Media
[KOBA 2011] NES Technology to Display 'NDF-1000A Series', Multi-Format Digital Modular System
[KOBA 2011] Techborne Service to Present Media Library System of SeaChange
[KOBA 2011] K-ARRAY 'KJ50VB' Speaker, a Futuristic Sound System by SOUNDUS
[KOBA 2011] 'XT[2] EditRec', Alternative Server for VTR Providing Major Editing Functions, by Namsung Traders
[KOBA 2011] Booth of YoungDo B&C
[KOBA 2011 Video] SAEKI P&C to Show 'ARRI', Lighting Device for Broadcast
[KOBA 2011] ROAD Technology to Display 'supertron & leader'
[KOBA 2011] KONAN TECHNOLOGY to Present 'I-Semantic', N-Screen Search Platform
[KOBA 2011] SAMA Global Video Communication to Show 'KayenneXL HD Production Switcher'
[KOBA 2011] 'Nimbra680', Broadcasting & Telecommunication Fiber Transmission System by Sanam Technology
[KOBA 2011] 'iAutomation', Digital Automation System by CISTECH
[KOBA 2011] Jinmyung Communications to Display 'DTVT2000', Digital TV 2kW Transmitter
[KOBA 2011] Digital Rex to Unveil Various Broadcast Video Solutions Including 'DVS9000', 3D Video Recording Equipment
[KOBA 2011] 'JDA-500', Digital Power Amplifier with over 75% High Efficiency by Jedia
[KOBA 2011] 'N-Motion Pro', Space Interactive Experience Technology by Yeasung Multicom
[KOBA 2011 Video] BON Electronics to Release 'BON-7S', Broadcast Monitor in a Perfect Match with 'DSLR'
[KOBA 2011 Video] 'LCD Multi-touch System' which can be Installed up to 250" by AVA Vision
[KOBA 2011 Video] 'From Interpretation to Vote' - DIS to Unveil Talented Microphone System for Meeting
[KOBA 2011 Video] 'KOBA 2011' to Let Down a Curtain in a Great Success!
[KOBA 2011 Video] 'DaVinci Resolve', the Finest Color Grading Equipment by LEO media
[KOBA 2011] Crowded Quantel Booth
[KOBA 2011 Video] KEVIC to Display '82" LCD display' Completely Controllable with Finger Touch
[KOBA 2011] SOVICO to Show 'Vi6', High Performance Digital Console by Soundcraft
[KOBA 2011-Visual talk] Let's Take a Picture with Celebrities at MBC Booth
[KOBA 2011 Video] Green Trading to Unveil LED Light for Broadcast
[KOBA 2011-Visual talk] 2 Hours Ahead of KOBA 2011 Closing
[KOBA 2011 Video] 'ARMOR Special', DSLR Video Shooting Equipment by VARAVON
[KOBA 2011] Autodesk (Discreet) to Show Various Video Edit Software Programs Including 'Maya 2012'
[KOBA 2011] Solomon Multimedia Technology to Present 'HS-2000', the Moving Video Studio
[KOBA 2011] 'DOCAST-LSA', High Efficiency LED Location Light by Dong Yang Digital
[KOBA 2011] 'iStudio', Virtual Studio Suitable for e-Learning by DARIM VISION
[KOBA 2011] Visual Research to Show 'Tornado 3D R Series', HD/SD Graphic System
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