NextComShow 2006
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Latest News  
Portable wireless credit card processing device 'Cymobile Bizway'
DAEYANG E&C to reveal a design of its new FMD 'cy-visor'
Front-wear vibration headset
Ergonomic wireless pen-type PC mouse 'Wowpen Treveler'
N.Tech to present rear-wear vibration headset 'VIBE NVP 100'
Home robot for education and entertainment use 'CUBO'
Face-mounted-display concept 3D display
Emotional wireless network robot 'netoy'
Transmit data through human body?!
Infomove to present 900MHz RFID Reader 'UCT-2300'
How many ideas can your memory hold?
Chois Technology to launch sleek USB-enabled wireless presenter
A paper-thin FOLED(Flexible OLED)
Bizarre hands-free telephone 'Ideal Chatter'
Literally 'wearable pc' costume
Future concept sports wear at UFC 2006
Future concept toy robots ‘Ubitoy’
Wearable babysitter solution for working moms
Wearable computer fashion accessories
Ultra-small wrist pc with display and input device
Wearable barcode reader to be launched early next year
Ultra small portable Bluetooth barcode scanner is coming early next year
Earring-style vibration earphone to increase your excitement
One body with two LCD monitors in different sizes

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