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Latest News  
[KOREA PHARM 2011] 'The 1st KOREA PHARM 2011' Closing in Success!
[KOREA PHARM 2011] Taesung CNC to Show Paint Remover & Paint Killing, Effective for Removing Paint
[KOREA PHARM 2011] Deasong Finechemical to Present 'DS-106', Corrosion Inhibitor
[KOREA PHARM 2011] NeoPharm to Display 'ATOPALM', to Cure the Cause of Atopic Disease
[KOREA PHARM 2011] MASUNG to Introduce Functional Pharmaceutical Excipients
[KOREA PHARM 2011] CHA Bio & Diostech to Present 'CHA-HSCP-F-1X', Base Material for Growth Factor Cosmetics
[KOREA PHARM 2011] M.DOHMEN KOREA to Introduce 'DOROLAN', Fiber-Oriented Dye
[KOREA PHARM 2011] KyungDong Pharm to Display 'CAMPEX' (Tramadol HCI)
[KOREA PHARM 2011] DUKSAN to Show High-purity Methanol Analytic Reagent
[KOREA PHARM 2011] Yangzhou Chemical to Present its Various Chemical Products
[KOREA PHARM 2011 Preview] SEKISUI KOREA, "We're going to show medicines synthesis•manufacture•analysis technologies meeting customer's expectation"

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