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Latest News  
[IFA 2011] Plantronics to Show 'M1100M,' a Bluetooth Mono Headset Adopting Triple Mikes
[IFA 2011] Retailers and Industry Confident of Good End-of-year Business
[IFA 2011] Woongjin Coway to Display 'APM-0511JH,' a Hyperfine Humidifier & Air Purifier with Oriental Beauty
[IFA 2011] SEWHA P&C to Reveal 'Anti-Fingerprint Film' with Carved Design Patterns for iPhone 4
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Pioneer to Show 'TYPE-Z,' an iPod Docking Station for Dance Battle
[IFA 2011] Dyson to Unveil 'dyson ball DC37,' a Cylinder Vacuum Detecting Surface of Floor by Itself!
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] BenQ to Show 'S11,' a Full HD Camcorder with Built-in Projector
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Creative to Present 'ZiiSound D5 Air,' a 2 Channel AirPlay Speaker
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Yamaha to Present 'PDX-13,' a Portable Play Dock for iPod/iPhone with Alarm
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Yamaha to Unveil 'PDX-11,' a Portable Play Dock for iPod/iPhone
[IFA 2011] Lenco to Show 'iPT-6,' an iPod Docking Station Supporting 3D Sound
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Bluelounge to Present 'Nest,' an iPad 2 Stand & Storage for Accessories
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] LG Electronics to Show 'Optimus Net,' a 3.2'' Smartphone
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] LG Electronics to Unveil 'Optimus SOL E730,' a Smartphone with 3.8'' OLED
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] LG Electronics to Present 'Optimus Speed P990,' a 4'' Smartphone
[IFA 2011 Behind-the-Scene] Gee-Sung Choi's Statement in Berlin vs Samsung Crisis Theory
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] LG Electronics to Show 'KOMPRESSOR FOLLOW ME,' a Vacuum Cleaner Controllable while Moving
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] ASUS to Present 'VX6' for High-Performance Play
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] SONY to Display 'RDP-V20IPB,' a 360° iPod/iPhone Docking Sound System
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Nokia to Present 'Nokia 700,' a Touch Smartphone with Symbian OS
[IFA 2011] SONY to Unveil 'NEX-7,' a High-End Mirrorless Camera
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Nokia to Show 'BH-505,' a Bluetooth Stereo-Headset
[IFA 2011] Macally to Display 'ECOPADPRO,' a Laptop Cooling Stand Made of Bamboo
[IFA 2011] Macally to Unveil 'MAGSTAND2,' a Reversely Installable iPad 2 Stand
[IFA 2011] Macally to Present 'KeySync,' a Key Chain Shaped iPhone 30pin Cable
[IFA 2011] SONY to Show 'SRS-BTV25B,' an iPhone Docking Speaker with 360 Degrees of Sound
[IFA 2011] SEWHA P&C to Firstly Unveil 'Privacy Film' with Design Pattern for iPhone 4
[IFA 2011] B&W to Unveil 'C5,' Innovative Earphones for Enjoying High-End Sound!
[IFA 2011] Creanovative to Unveil 'SONIC WALK,' a Wearable Audio System, in 3 Models
[IFA 2011] HTC to Display 'HTC EVO 3D,' a 3D Smartphone
[IFA 2011] HTC to Show 'TITAN,' a Smartphone with Windows OS 7 'Mango'
[IFA 2011] EPSON to Reveal 'MG – 850HD,' the First Projector with iPhone Docking Station
[IFA 2011] PocketBook to Introduce 'A10,' a 10'' Multi Touch Tablet
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] SONY to Attract Visitors by Introducing 'HMZ-T1,' a Personal 3D Viewer
[IFA 2011] Scott to Present 'i-DXS 10 L Luminor,' an iPod/iPhone Docking LED Light Speaker System
[IFA 2011] Panasonic to Display 'HDC-SD800,' a 3D Camcorder
[IFA 2011] Panasonic to Present 'LUMIX GH2' for 3D Shooting
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Toshiba to Unveil 3D TV
[IFA 2011 Visual Talk] Appetizing 'Mobile Sushi' is Always Packed with People!
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