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Latest News  
[KOREA CHEM 2011] 'DS-C05S', Cereals Washing System Controlling Strength According to Types of Cereals by DAESUNG PUMP
[KOREA CHEM 2011] Unitech to Show 'U-MILL', Planetary Mixer
[KOREA CHEM 2011] Sympatec to Introduce 'QICPIC', Particle Size and Shape Analyzer Measuring and Analyzing from Different Angles
[KOREA CHEM 2011] G.F Tech to Present 'JSOF-150', Forced Convention Drying Oven
[KOREA CHEM 2011] Hyo Jin Industrial to Show Mixer for Experiment
[KOREA CHEM 2011] 'The 3rd KOREA CHEM 2011' Closing Successfully!
[KOREA CHEM 2011] InFeed to Introduce 'BSP', Minute & Fast Feeding Solution
[KOREA CHEM 2011] Netzsch Korea to Present 'Laboratory Mills', Nano-Grinding System
[KOREA CHEM 2011] TRUE TECH to Show 'ELECTRIC CONDUCTIVE SERIES', Fluoroplastic Nonconductor Technology
[KOREA CHEM 2011] SEJIN TECH to Display 'SAF50G', Auger-type Vacuum Compactor
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Preview] HAN KANG ENGINEERING to Show 'FILTER DRYER', Economical Device
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Preview] Dow Valve to Display Industrial Valves for Different Fields
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Preview] Fink Chem + Tec OHG to Introduce its Various Pumps
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Preview] Advancedtech to Show Different Kinds of Valves and Hoses
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Interview] Daesung Pump, "We will contribute to produce good food with clean machine"
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Preview] Gongmyeong E&T to Promote 'ACHEMA', the World Forum of the Process Industry & the Trend-setting Technology Summit from Germany
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Preview] Sympatec GmbH to Showcase 'OASIS/L', Dry & Wet Dispersion Device for Image Analysis and Laser Diffraction
[KOREA CHEM 2011 Preview] KNDT&i to Display 'Couette-Taylor Crystallizer', Continuous Crystallization Separate Process System

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