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Latest News  
[COPHEX 2011] 'Bondiro', Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer, Showcased by IlShinBioBase
[COPHEX 2011] SUSPharm to Display 'Stainless Steel Container' Considering Sanitation and Safety
[COPHEX 2011] WISE Control to Introduce 'Sanitary Pressure Gauge' made of Stainless Steel
[COPHEX 2011] HYUNDAE Machinery to Show 'MULTI-TIP-SOLID', All-in-one Multi-Tip-Punch without Bolt Assembling
[COPHEX 2011] 'COPHEX 2011', the Only Exhibition in Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Industry in Korea, to Close in Success!
[COPHEX 2011] METTLER TOLEDO to Display 'ICS-469', Waterproof Scale
[COPHEX 2011] Testo Korea to Present 'testo Saveris', Wireless Measuring System for Temperature & Humidity
[COPHEX 2011] DAICHI JITSUGYO to Show 'TVIS-EX3′, Tablet Visual Inspection System
[COPHEX 2011] Art Sanitary to Present 'SANITARY Hand Valve'
[COPHEX 2011] DONGJIN Mechatronic to Show Valves for Various Industries
[COPHEX 2011 Preview] Woojung BSC to Introduce 'Bio-Pharma Business'
[COPHEX 2011 Preview] HYUNDAE Machinery to Show 'MULTI-TIP-SOLID', All-in-one Multi-tip Punch
[COPHEX 2011 Preview] IKA Works to Take Part in 'COPHEX 2011' this June
[COPHEX 2011 Preview] WISMAX to Unveil 'RN-300', Wireless Temperature•Humidity Sensor with High Degree of Precision
[COPHEX 2011 Preview] Micronox to Present 'PICOMAX', High Pressure Processor for Nano Dispersion & Emulsion

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