G-STAR 2006
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Latest News  
IR Robot to demo 'Battle robot football game'
Immersion to introduce ‘next-generation vibration technology’ for video console game
Historical products of Nintendo - 'NES'
Historical products of Nintendo - 'Nintendo Super Famicom'
GAME PARK 32-the first portable game console introduced in Korea
Historical products of SEGA - 'SEGA Game Gear'
Historical products of Nintendo - 'Game boy'
'BANDAI WonderSwan' demoed at G-STAR 2006
Sony PS3 hits Japan market
Joytron expects to launch new portable game controller in November
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006- Konami
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006- U2 Media
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006 -Nintendo
Historical products of SONY - 'PlayStation'
Historical products of SEGA - 'Sega Master System'
Historical products of SEGA - 'Sega Mega Drive, Genesis'
GAME PARK to present 'GP KiDS' a portable multimedia gaming device
Alvin to unveil a sound chair with built-in subwoofer for gamers
Visual tour of G-star 2006- Frogster Studio
Visual tour of G-star 2006-WiseOn
Visual tour of G-star 2006- Microsoft
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-Onnet
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-Bandai Korea
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-Neowiz
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-Hanbit Soft
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-Webzen
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-NCsoft
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-WeMade
Visual tour of G-STAR 2006-NEXON
G-STAR2006(Game show & Trade, All-round) kicks off with 60% expanded scale

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