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Latest News  
[KOREA LAB 2011] Tesol to Unveil Thermal Imaging Camera 'TI32'
[KOREA LAB 2011] Emergency Fireproof Blanket Endurable up to 537℃
[KOREA LAB 2011] 'The 5th KOREA LAB 2011' to Close in Great Success!
[KOREA LAB 2011] 'Elite 8', Automatic Sampler System by Young-Wha Scientific
[KOREA LAB 2011] Young In Frontier to Present 'Orion Star Series Meter', Simple Water Analyzer
[KOREA LAB 2011] AT Frontier to Show 'XRDf', Handheld X-ray Diffraction Analyzer
[KOREA LAB 2011] Hwashin Instrument to Display 'Buchi Sepacore', Chromatography
[KOREA LAB 2011] BUCHI Korea to Show 'NIRMaster', Independent Spectrometer for Near-Infrared Ray
[KOREA LAB 2011] LK Lab Korea to Introduce 'OCTAGON', Digital Sieve Shaker
[KOREA LAB 2011] Mecasys to Display 'OPTIZEN POP', New-concept Spectrophotometer with Sensibility Ergonomic Design
[KOREA LAB 2011] JISICO to Show 'J-USRC', Shaker
[KOREA LAB 2011 Preview] TEEMS to Present 'LF-1', Laboratory with Maximized Efficiency
[KOREA LAB 2011 Preview] RStech to Show 'HPLC', Cutting-edge Analyzer
[KOREA LAB 2011 Preview] Sechang Instruments to Emphasize Importance of Environment with Water Pollution Analyzing Kit
[KOREA LAB 2011 Preview] Wilsonart to Introduce its Decorative Surfacing Products
[KOREA LAB 2011 Preview] Fine Trading to Introduce 'Microscope Cover Glass' with Optimum Refraction for Fractography
[KOREA LAB 2011 Preview] ProNEXTECH to Show Frequency-digitalized Ultrasonic Devices
[KOREA LAB 2011] Taemyong to Display Mill, Grinding Anything Regardless of Materials, and Particle Sizer
[KOREA LAB 2011 Preview] Human Corporation to Introduce 'Water Purification System∙Ultra Pure System'

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