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Latest News  
[KOREA PACK 2011] SEHYUN TRADING to Present 'Shoe Cover Machine' for Clean Indoor Environment
[KOREA PACK 2011] TAECHU to Introduce 'EXCEL-2000', Marking System for Small Letters with Module for Pigment
[KOREA PACK 2011] True Seal to Show 'Induction Cap Sealing System'
[KOREA PACK 2011] SDT to Display 'SDT170' Checking Status of Machineries
[KOREA PACK 2011] I-Two Trading to Show 'DESI PAK', Eco-Friendly Natural Desiccant
[KOREA PACK 2011] NOKSTOP CHEM to Display 'VCI FILM', Vaporable Antirust with Convenient Managing of Metal Components
[KOREA PACK 2011] DOOIL TOTAL PACKAGING SYSTEM to Introduce 'FLEX CUBE BAG', Practical Alternative for Rice-Packaging
[KOREA PACK 2011] 'Flexup', Semi-Permanent Foldable Water Container by HTI Corporation
[KOREA PACK 2011] INDIS Air to Present 'Smart Air Pack', Safe Anti-shocking Material with Higher Strength
[KOREA PACK 2011] 'KOREA PACK 2011', One of the Big Three Expos of Packaging in Asia, Closing in Success!
[KOREA PACK 2011] Tomatec to Show Different Kinds of Barcode Label Printers by CITIZEN
[KOREA PACK 2011] Tailim Packaging to Display 'Corrugated Box' Enhancing Storing Efficiency
[KOREA PACK 2011] Hanjin P&C to Introduce 'Bag Type Case', Drawer-type Packaging Box
[KOREA PACK 2011] SUNG LIM CHEMICAL to Introduce Light & Strong 'Paper Pallet'
[KOREA PACK 2011] SAMHWA to Show 'Thermoforming Machine' Fulfilling both Quality & Quantity
[KOREA PACK 2011] ISUNG ENGINEERING to Show 'ZD130S', Industrial Robot
[KOREA PACK 2011] SAE-NAM MATERIALS to Present 'POWER DRY', Made of Raw Materials of Mineral
[KOREA PACK 2011] Domino Korea to Introduce 'A320i', One Button Inkjet Marking System
[KOREA PACK 2011] DongBang Life & Beauty to Show Different Kinds of Containers for Cosmetics, Medicines, and Food
'KOREA PACK 2011', the Big-three International Expo of Packaging in Asia, to Open!
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] DAIICHI JITSUGYO VISWILL / MECHA-TECH to Show Tablet Visual Inspection System
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] 3D star to Unveil 'GC Series', Brand-new Products
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] Daekhon Corporation to Display Process Automation Total Solution
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] DONG WOO ST to Present 'All in One Converting Device'
[KOREA PACK 2011 Interview] PTK, Exhibiting Company of KOREA PACK 2011: "We'll widely introduce our products like 'Rotary Tablet Machine Press' to the industry"
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] Domino Korea to Show 'Industrial Marking Systems' to Mark Company Information on Products
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] Dunker Motor Korea to Display Packing Machines & Food Processing Motors
[KOREA PACK 2011] 'KOREA PACK 2011', a Power of Korean Packaging Industry, to Open on June 14
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] MK STICKER to Introduce from General Sticker to Special Functional Sticker
[KOREA PACK 2011 Preview] SOLVAC to Display Vacuum Products, Developed in Korea with its Own Technology

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