World IT Show 2011
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Latest News  
[The 7th KCC Press Party] GETM to Introduce 'iRoo LN Series,' Leather Cases for Galaxy S2
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Samsin Innotech Opens 'Dessert Macaroon' to the Public, a Ladies-only Headset Brand
[WIS 2011] OWN to Introduce User-centered Payment Service
[WIS 2011] SRC to Show Swimming Fish Robot
[WIS 2011] LAONZENA to Display 'Digital Table!'
[WIS 2011] LG Electronics to Display Different Products like 3D TV with Less Fatigue for Eyes
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Future Robot Showed 'FURO,' a Smart Robot Capable of Emotional Interactions
[The 7th KCC Press Party] MPDA Introduced 'MPDA e-book pod,' a Customized Math Learning Solution Optimized for Each Individual
[WIS 2011] FWARE to Present 'Sound Chef' to Turn up the Volume for iPad
[WIS 2011] ISAN SOLUTION to Display 'Robothespian', a Talking Robot
[WIS 2011] MDS Technology to Show 'IBM ALM Solution'
[The 7th KCC Press Party] MoSync AB to Establish 'MoSync Korea' with EZGO
[WIS 2011 VIDEO] An Interview with CJ from S.Africa
[The 7th KCC Press Party] GeoCross to Present Car Black Box 'VD-7000W' Preventing Backlight
[The 7th KCC Press Party] KSEEK Unveiled Linux-based Light Web Daemon, 'SEGIO Web Solution'
[The 7th KCC Press Party] vivaNS showcased 'Argos', a Web Site Quality Management Solution
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Mondo Systems Showcased a 1" Slim Sound-bar for the First Time in the World
[The 7th KCC Press Party] d'strict Introduced 'Stikus' Series, a 500" UX Advertising Platform Grafting Multiple Touch Screens
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Nuritech unveiled the Hard Disk Duplicator, 'NURI-FH6'
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Comin Information Systems presented 'SiiRU,' a USB with Various Built-in Software
[The 7th KCC Press Party] 3D Entertainment introduced 'Mysterious Insects – The Life of Butterflies 3D' Created with high definition 3D images
[WIS 2011 Video] ITRC Forum Concert
[WIS 2011 Video] Next Generation Convergence Contents Pavilion
[WIS 2011 Video] Seoul Commtech to Show 'SEN-410', Samsung Navigation with Gesture Function
[WIS 2011 Video] Seoul Commtech to Show 'SEN-410', Samsung Navigation with Wireless Remote Control
[WIS 2011] Stop Server's Shutdown from Too much Traffic! AimToG to Present 'NetFUNNEL'
[WIS 2011] Memorette to Display 'Sponge Bob USB'
[WIS 2011] Ceyon Technology to Present Next-generation RFID Reader
[WIS 2011] SDENG to Display 'Transformers', Smart Phone Stand with Bulletproof Glass
[WIS 2011 Video] SungKyunKwan Univ. to Introduce '3D Motion Globe Mouse'
[WIS 2011 Video] SungKyunKwan Univ. to Introduce 'Azcara', Multi-used Scanning Recorder
[WIS 2011 Video] Seoul Commtech to Show 'SEN-410', Samsung Navigation with Function to Notice Incoming Call
[WIS 2011 Video] DaeKyoung to Present 'Secret Line MD-533', Massaging Machine for Feet and Calves
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Daeyo Medi to introduce '3-D MAC' that Can Analyze Information on Patient Symptoms through Robot Hands
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Blue Pin to Introduce a Mobile 'app book 3.1 viewer', Automatically Creating an App Book from Items Put in a Folder
[WIS 2011 Video] SAI TECHNOLOGY to Introduce 'LED Desk Lamp', Helping to Study Well by Subject
[The 7th KCC Press Party] Merlin introduces 'Care Pack,' a solution for helping analyze customer circulation
[WIS 2011] KITECH to Display Small Flying Robot
[The 7th KCC Press Party] EZPT Tech Introduces 'That's Good e-Presentation Gold,'a Video Conference Meeting and E-Document Meeting System
[WIS 2011] Worldbiznet to Present 'Martbiznet', Global Online Shopping Mall Solution
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