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Latest News  
[iMAC 2011 VIDEO] SE&D to show 'EDLCs', Electric Double Layer Capacitors
[iMAC 2011 Video] 'iMAC 2011' Show to End with Great Success
[iMAC 2011 Video] Last Day of Korea's Largest Materials & Components Show
[iMAC 2011 Video] Strong & Convenient All-Purpose Carts Here!
[iMAC 2011] 'Counterplan on China RoHS Regulation' Seminar to be Held
[iMAC 2011 Video] 'Materials & Components Policy & Technical Seminar' held in iMAC 2011
[iMAC 2011] NeoNBiz to Show 'Neomond', Nano Diamond Water
[iMAC 2011] Phoenix Materials to Present 'Solder Ball', Used for Memory Semiconductor
[iMAC 2011] Pall Corporation to Display 'Gas Filter' & 'Liquid Filter'
[iMAC 2011] VADAS to Present 'AVM', Cutting-edge Parking Assistant System
[iMAC 2011] Pioneer New Markets with Global Buyers! Export Consultation Proceeded in Great Success
[iMAC 2011 Video] Interview with 'ANGIE', Philippine Buyer Participating in 'Export Consultation'
[iMAC 2011] FASTECH to Show 'Ezi-SERVO', Closed Loop Stepping System that is Fast & Accurate!
[iMAC 2011] Suwon CCI to Proceed Free Consultations
[iMAC 2011] DONGSUNG Laser to Introduce 'Mark-F10', Fiber Laser Marker with World-best Precision & 100,000 hrs of lifespan
[iMAC 2011] NANO INTECH to Show 'BASKET MILL', a Milling Device
[iMAC 2011 Video] Korea Institute of Science and Technology to Show High-effective Future Energy Source
[iMAC 2011] BO SUNG SILICONE to Introduce Different Kinds of Industrial Wires and Cables
[iMAC 2011] FOR YOUR ENGINEERING to Present Innovative Pipeline, Without Having to Tapping
[iMAC 2011] Applied Carbon Nano Technology to Present 'Metal+CNT Composite' with Improved Strength, Toughness and Heat!
[iMAC 2011] MECS TECH to Display 'Ultrasonic Iron', No Need of Flux When Soldering!
[iMAC 2011 Video] Victor Dmitriev, a Buyer from Russia, "I found some solutions here"
[iMAC 2011] From Sending to Receiving with Only One Sensor! SENSORTEC to Show 'Ultrasonic Sensor for Automobile'
[iMAC 2011] Dae Han Bolt to Present Various Industrial Bolts
[iMAC 2011] TM TECH-I to Show 'BLDC Motor' with High Effectiveness & Torque
[iMAC 2011] ALANTUM to Present 'Metal Foam', Innovative New Material
[iMAC 2011] Sunghun to Present Various Universal Joints
[iMAC 2011] SEPOONG POLYMER to Show Chemical Wood Products Used for Producing Prototypes
[iMAC 2011] GGM to Display Gear Head for Single Phase
[iMAC 2011] K-TECH to Display 'V-Flash Desktop', 3D Printer
[iMAC 2011] C&R TECH to Present Carbon Composites Used for Aircrafts and High-speed Trains
[iMAC 2011] INNORES to Unveil 'IHP Seal Series', Strong against Dirt
[iMAC 2011] SEWON Hardfacing to Display 'POWER SPRAY', Coating Device for Thermal Spraying Materials
[iMAC 2011 Video] Refresh Yourself in VIP Lounge!
[iMAC 2011] Hanil Investment Casting to Unveil Various Industrial Casting Products
[iMAC 2011] ESANG NETWORKS to Present Export Supporting Service of
[iMAC 2011] LaserLab to Introduce 'RGB Laser' Providing Effective Guideline
[iMAC 2011] CHALGOMU to Present 'Silicone Keypad' Using Silicone Rubber
[iMAC 2011] DONGSUNG SILICONE to Show 'Open Cell Silicone Sponge', Endurable to Steam Iron
[iMAC 2011] Korea Clad Tech to Present Clad Tech Materials Keeping the Original Color of Copper
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