CBME 2011
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Latest News  
[CBME 2011] Garland Targeting Chinese Market with 3 Keywords – Safety, Eco-Friendliness, & Hygiene for Kids
[CBME 2011] SPA to Display Different Body Care Products with Sufficient Minerals Taken from Water of Dead Sea
[CBME 2011] Joovy to Show 'Room2', Portable Crib
[CBME 2011] NaLaBaoBei to Display Shoes for Children in Different Designs
[CBME 2011] Kiddy to Show Car Seats in Diverse Lineups Emphasizing Safety, a Distinct Characteristic of German Brand
[CBME 2011] Lascal to Present 'Buggy Board' for Taking Two Kids by Connecting with Frame of Stroller
[CBME 2011] AILEBEBE to Unveil Car Seat with ISOFIX System Adopted
[CBME 2011] Sparkle Global to Show 'Sparkle', Portable Bassinet
[CBME 2011] Yeehoo to Introduce Peekaboo's European-Style Two-Faced Stroller with Gold Frame
[CBME 2011] Baciuzzi to Display Multi-Functional Stroller, Stroller, Car Seat, & Carrycot
[CBME 2011] You&Me to Display 'Nuage', Stroller with 3 in 1 System
[CBME 2011] Yooann to Show Various Functional Shoes for Infants with Different Designs, Made of Natural Leather
[CBME 2011] 'Good Baby,' China's Leading Children Goods Company, to Participate with Large Booth
[CBME 2011] 'Shanghai International Children-Baby-Maternity Products Expo (CBME) 2011', the Asia's Biggest Expo in Baby Products, Opened!
[CBME 2011] Louistocool, The French Brand, To Display Its Clothes For Infants
[CBME 2011] Dongguan City Dilu Clothing Trade To Show Loucymiel
[CBME 2011] Shanghai BabyQoo E-Commerce To Showcase Angel Cat Sugar
[CBME 2011] A Golden Platform For Global Quality Buyers And Suppliers
[CBME 2011] Lightweight baby travel solutions - Koo-di Pop Up Cots
[CBME 2011] A warm and healthy night's sleep - PurFlo SleepSacs
[CBME 2011] The Light weight and ready for action - Koo-di Packi it!
[CBME 2011] The healthiest sleep option for babies – PurFlo Cot Matteress
[CBME 2011] The best choice for the fashion mum - 'Koo-di Changing Bag'
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