The 24th EDU-CARE Fair for Children
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Latest News  
[EDUCARE 2011] CA Pharm to Introduce Plagentra 'Maternity Wrap Bra' and 'Maternity Panty', The Functional Underwear for Pregnant Women
[EDUCARE 2011] Barleans To Introduces 2 types of 'Omega 3' For Kids To Drink
[EDUCARE 2011] Aidin To Introduce 'Sevi', An Italian Toy Brand's Wooden Instrument
[EDUCARE 2011] Blue Rabbit To Introduce 'Picture Book For Early Brain Development', To Entertain Kid's First Visual Experience~
[EDUCARE 2011] Design Skin To Introduce Block Sofa, A Play Mat Can Also Be A Sofa
[EDUCARE 2011] Sobin's Baby, Natural Pain, Natural Manicure, Even Natural Dough!
[EDUCARE 2011] World Gimmyoung, To Introduce The 'Entertainment and Creativity'
[EDUCARE 2011] Education I Corporation to introduce 'Mother's Corn' with Safety Certified by Czech
[EDUCARE 2011] Rosettastone To Introduce The English Study Solution 'Rosettastone Personal'
[EDUCARE 2011] Sejong Books To Introduce The Foreign Children Books
[EDUCARE 2011] Cellbiotech To Introduce 'Duoloc Yum Yum', Protected Lactic Acid Bacillus
'EDUCARE 2011' to Close With A Great Success
[Video] Happy Education to Present 'Best Mom', the Total Playing Study Book Program
[EDUCARE 2011] Globe Chemical to Introduce 'Blow & Draw Pen', the Novel Drawing Pen to Blow
[Video] Balance of Left & Right Brain - Korea Shichida Child Academy to Participate in the 'EDUCARE 2011'
[EDUCARE 2011] Romantic Board To Introduce The Lovely Baby Elephant Board
[Video] Adventure Island to Participate in the 'EDUCARE 2011'
[Video] "Love to Get Useful Information Here As Parent"
[Video] Babybanz Korea to Introduce Sun-block Cap & Sun Glasses for Kids
[EDUCARE 2011] 'GEOINFOTECH INNOVATION' To Exhibit The Kick Board from Switzerland
[Video] Morphun Korea To Introduce The 'Morphun Block', A Method For Creativity Development
[Video] Toyda Education to Present 'Qrix Block' at the 'EDUCARE 2011'
[EDUCARE 2011] Wise Mom to Introduce the 'English Egg', the Great English Story Telling Program
[EDUCARE 2011] MOONJIN ENGLISH CHILDREN STORIES - 'Do You Still Read Stories, I Sing Them~'' by Moonjin Media
[EDUCARE 2011] Korea Piaget to Introduce the Campaign to Raise Your Kids to Love Reading a Book
[EDUCARE 2011] Children's Dream Land – Make Your Kids Room Special with the 'Roof Furniture'
[EDUCARE 2011] J World Industry to Introduce the 'Color Folder', the 4 Stage Folding Play Room Mattress
[Safety Certified Exhibitor of EDUCARE 2011] Kids Play Table 'Little One's Table and Chairs' by P' kolino
[EDUCARE 2011] Pureun Pharm to Introduce the 100% Natural Compressed Orange Juice 'Four Oranges'
[Safety Certified Exhibitor of EDUCARE 2011] Good Board Can Read the Book Out for Kids!
[Video] Good Board to Present the Color Board which Reads the Book Out at the 'EDUCARE 2011′
[Video] Orda Korea to Introduce the Magnet Gabe at the 'EDUCARE 2011′
[EDUCARE 2011] JY Books to Show How to Raise an English Speaking Leader with the 'New Wishy-Washy Readers'
[EDUCARE 2011] Arirang English to Introduce How to Learn from Using a Dolphin Pen, the 'Logico English'
[EDUCARE 2011] Kiwoom Book to Present the Ripping, Cutting, and Pasting Kids Book, the 'Reading and Paper Constructing'
[EDUCARE 2011] Nutrition Life to Solve Family Health Care with One Pill of 'Animal Parade'
[Safety Certified Exhibitor of EDUCARE 2011] Natural Choice 'Pear Crunch', Eating Fruits is as Simple as Having Snacks!
[EDUCARE 2011] Hamsoa Pharm to Show the 'Honkey Tonkey', Red Ginseng to Protect Kids
[EDUCARE 2011] BIR to Present 'The Playing with Words by Choi Seung-ho & Bang Si-hyuk'
[Video] GYMBOREE MAGFORMERS to Introduce 'MAGFORMERS' at the 'EDUCARE 2011'
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