KES 2006
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Latest News  
Coby Korea to present a wireless transmitter
Cytech System mouse series (1) Mini mouse 'M20'
Cytech System mouse series (2) Mini mouse 'M40'
Cytech System mouse series (3) 'S20P'
Cytech System mouse series(4) 'SMOP5000'
Sennheiser to present stereo headphone with magnetic surfaces
LG to present a compact slide mobile TV phone 'KB1800'
Samsung to showcase 'Serene' with a Louis Vuitton leather bag
Samsung to unveil shine-silver-color 9.9mm ultra edition 'SCH-V900'
Powerplaza to present RoHS-compliant ultra small AC-DC converters
Samsung to present 'Slim&J' S-DMB slim slide phone
Samsung to present white-color DMB phone 'SPH-B5600'
Flashfield introduced CD/DVD Inkjet label color printer 'PF-2'
Movon to present a jewelry type Bluetooth headset
Samsung to unveil ocean-blue-color 9.9mm ultra edition 'SCH-V900'
'Digital board' and 'versatile desk'
AXXEN Korea to present 2.5-inch external HDD case
Personal air purifier ’Hulover’
LG to introduce 32-inch 'ez U' LCD TV
10g portable Bluetooth headset with a built-in battery
Giant charger capable of charging 80 batteries at the same time
8mm-thick ultra slim optical mouse 'Anyzen UM10'
15-inch LCD monitor with adjustable brightness
71-inch Full-HD gold PDP TV
Enjoy 42-inch 3D images without a goggle
'WAPER', a miniature speaker of Wilson Audio's WATT/Puppy
Enjoy T-DMB with 6M digital camera
Samsung to present slim T-DMB phone with a swiveling display
Samsung to demonstrate a slim smart phone with QWERTY keyboard
Notebook-use attachable stereo speaker
Samsung to present a slim 6M digital camera 'SDC-K60'
Samsung to present HD wall-mount wireless PDP TV
Samsung to demo 82-inch LED LCD TV
Portable foldaway headset
Samsin Innotec to present a potable Bluetooth stereo speaker
Playing with black & white lego(?) speakers
Cresyn to demo 'CS-HS550' a computer-use mono headset
Samsung to demonstrate 'Slim&J' S-DMB mobile phone
Samsung to unveil red-wine-color 9.9mm ultra edition 'SCH-V900'
Sharp to display HD-ready 32-inch AQUOS TV
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