2010 Gangnamgu Trade Mission for China
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Latest News  
Gangnam District to Dispatch a Trade Promotion Team to Beijing and Shenzhen, China
[Video] VAJRA, introducing 'GINA' a flower-motivated jewelry
VAJRA, introducing 'GINA', a real flower jewelry
Regen Korea, introducing 'Addcell PRP'
Chunho Food, introducing 'Chunho Black Garlic Extract Original' targeting Chinese market
Chunho Food, making inroads into Chinese health beverage market with black garlic juice
BST releases the Skin Fervere line of whitening skincare products
CNP Cosmetics introduces an anti-pore blackhead clinic kit for deep-pore purification
Video demonstration by CNP Cosmetics
Haans Season 2 set to showcase hanbok in China
ON International set to showcase wedding dresses that will set women's hearts racing
Beauty Club Red to exhibit a variety of manicure products
EN3 set to tackle the Chinese market with its household air purifier Winfome-Act
Yizu Wedding to showcase exclusive wedding dresses
Golf bag manufacturer Dongsung Sports to take part in the 2010 Gangnamgu Trade Mission
Tulip International to provide a variety of tasty beverages on the Chinese market
En3en to introduce it's Indoor air purifier 'Winfome-Act'

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