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Latest News  
Hitachi W42H CDMA 1x Win mobile phone with 3 kinds of customized bangles
Panasonic to present 'P702iD' mobile phone with 128 gradational LED
NEC to present 'FOMA N902iX', HSDPA mobile phone
OBO Pro2 to present a wooden earphone
Fujitsu to present a handset with shiny round-shape touch keypad
Universal Electronics to present 'NEVO' intelligent digital home controller
Listen to music through the cheek bone
Cat-design 2.1 channel speaker 'O.CAT'
FOSTER to present a TV-rack with built-in 5.1 channel speaker system
SUMICA to display White Fiber Laser
NTT AT to introduce 'Amaze ART'
Get the digital content you want through a vending machine!
Mitsubishi to present high resolution LCD for public information display
Targus to present 'Disney concept' pc peripherals
Special tree made of LED in different colors
Targus to present iPod docking system with tripod-looking mobile speaker
A variety of connectors for all kinds of devices
Panasonic to present 2,000 ANSI hometheater projector
Digital map opens a new world of navigation
Murata to present a robot riding on a bike
JVC to present white-color EVERIO digital camcorder
JVC to present silver-color EVERIO digital camcorder
Sanyo to present a global passport phone
Visual Sketch - LISMO Music Store by KDDI
JVC to present pink-color EVERIO digital camcorder
NEC Home Media Center 'VALUESTAR X' (1)
CASIO to unveil High-end mobile phones with wallet functions
JVC to show Everio 'GZ-MG505’
NEC to present portable multimedia player
JVC to offer 3CCD Full HD 'Everio'
KDDI 'Friendly Design' series - Sanyo 'A5520SA II'
JVC to showcase wood cone speaker unit
Panasonic to introduce D-snap with docking station
Panasonic's SD stereo system D-Dock
KDDI 'Friendly Design' series - Sanyo 'A5522SA'
Panasonic's D-snap SD800N
JVC's memory card player
Tyco's roof-shaped touch panel 'YANE'
KDDI 'Friendly Design' series-Pantech
Sanyo to present hometheater projector with short throw lens
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